Petrol price in Delhi is more than Rs 6 and diesel is cheaper than Rs 12, know the price of your city

New Delhi: A big effort has been made by the Central Government to make Diwali Happier for the people of the country. The Union Finance Ministry had announced a reduction in Central Excise Duty on both fuels. It has been cut by Rs 5 per litre on petrol while Rs 10 on diesel. This decision came into force today. Due to this, the price of petrol at the Indian Oil pump in Delhi came down from Rs 6.07 per litre to Rs 103.97. Yesterday it was priced at Rs 110.04. Similarly, diesel also declined by Rs 11.75 to Rs 86.67 per litre. Yesterday it was priced at Rs 98.42 per litre.

Several Ministers welcomed the decision of the central government, they expressed their happiness on social media

Diwali 2021: This rare coincidence of planets is being made on Diwali, know the auspicious time of Lakshmi Puja 

Modi government's Diwali gift, petrol became cheaper by Rs 5, diesel cut by Rs 10 

Petrol had become costlier by Rs 8.15 in the last 26 days,
on the 28th of September last, while petrol became costlier by 20 paise, diesel also became costlier by 25 paise per litre. Actually, the petrol prices which started increasing from the last days of September continued till last Tuesday. Yes, it did get a break for a few days in between. If we look at the prices of petrol, it had become costlier by Rs 8.15 per litre in the last 26 days.

Diesel became costlier by Rs 9.45 in 29 days
Last month; the diesel market grew faster than petrol. From a business point of view, the manufacturing of diesel is costlier than petrol. But in the open market of India, petrol is sold expensive and diesel is sold cheap. The diesel fire which started here on September 24 was stopped on Tuesday. However, there was a break for a few days in between. During this time, diesel became more expensive than petrol. In the last 29 days itself, it has become costlier by Rs 9.35 per litre.

Let's know what is the price of petrol and diesel in your city today

name of the city

Petrol Rs/Litre

Diesel Rs/Litre


































(Source- IOC SMS)

Crude oil price below $ 82
Troubled by the rising prices of crude oil, America has indicated to take some big decisions in this regard. The central bank there has indicated some asset purchases. Due to this, crude oil slipped about four percent on Wednesday. On that day Brent crude closed at $ 81.99 per barrel. WTI Crude slipped to $80.86 per barrel.

Today’s prices in your city like this
Petrol-Diesel prices change daily and get updated at 6 am. You can also know the daily rate of petrol and diesel through SMS (How to check diesel petrol price daily). Indian Oil customers can get information by writing the code of RSP Space Petrol Pump on number 9224992249 and BPCL customers by writing RSP to number 9223112222. At the same time, customers of HPCL can know the price by writing HPPrice and sending it to the number 9222201122.

Here are the petrol and diesel prices in major cities in India:

City       Petrol           Diesel

Delhi     Rs 103.97     Rs 86.67

Mumbai Rs 109.98     Rs 94.14

Chennai Rs 101.40      Rs 91.43

Kolkata  Rs 104.67      Rs 89.79

After the reduction in excise duty by the central government, 10 states ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party have made a big announcement of a reduction in oil prices. These are the ten BJP-ruled states – Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Karnataka, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana. The Center has already cut excise duty on petrol and diesel by ₹5 and ₹10 on the eve of Diwali. The opposition ruled states are yet to reduce the taxes levied by the state government to the consumers.

Amit Malviya questioned the West Bengal government and questioned, "Mamata Banerjee, who spoke eloquently about fuel prices, had in the last one year increased State levies on both petrol and diesel sharply, while the Center had not. Now that the Center has slashed excise, will she reduce State levies and make Deepawali happy for West Bengal?"

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