PM Modi announcement on nasal vaccine, will it be effective?

New Delhi, December 25. Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to address the nation on Saturday and in his address, PM Modi made three big announcements. PM Modi said that from January 3, vaccination of children in the age group of 15 to 18 years will start in the country. Along with this, 'precaution dose' will be given to about 30 million front line workers including health workers from January 10. PM Modi made an announcement in his nearly 14-minute speech. The PM said that very soon the first nasal and DNA vaccine will be launched in the country. The PM said that India's fight against Corona has always been based on scientific principles, scientific advice and scientific methods.

The PM said that the nasal vaccine and the world's first DNA vaccine against the COVID-19 will soon be available for the inoculation drive.

Let us tell you that the nasal vaccine will be given through the nose and the DNA vaccine will also be injected without a needle. Currently, both these vaccines are in clinical trials. Let us tell you what the nasal vaccine is and how it is used.

The nasal spray will be given through the nose

Let us tell you that the vaccine that is being administered so far in the country is given through injection, but the biggest feature of the nasal vaccine is that it will be sprayed directly through the nose. This vaccine will create immunity in the inner parts of the nose. It is believed that this method is more effective for increasing immunity in children and there are many scientific reasons behind it.

The scientists' opinion behind the nasal vaccine

Let us tell you that the nasal vaccine has also been considered very effective against corona. Harvard immunologist Jose Ordovas Montes says that it is very important to strengthen the fight against corona. In such a situation, the vaccine will have to be applied from where the virus is entering the body. Jose explains that the vaccine that we are getting in hand carries antibodies and T-cells around the blood vessels to the elements present in it, but the effect of the vaccine will be more visible through the nose.

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