PM Modi said in Mann Ki Baat- you all celebrate World River Day

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed World River Day in Mann Ki Baat on Sunday. PM Modi said that rivers do not drink their own water, but for charity. For us, a river is a life unit. He said that a sense of faith was born in the river which we know, see and live as mothers. No matter how many festivals, festivals, celebrations we have, it is only in the lap of these mothers. PM Modi said that earlier in our homes, the children used to remember the verses related to the big river of the family. This also instilled faith in our country about rivers. A map of vast India used to be imprinted in the mind. There was a connection to the rivers. PM Modi also recited the shloka on this occasion.

गंगे च यमुने चैव गोदावरी सरस्वति।
नर्मदे सिन्धु कावेरी जले अस्मिन् सन्निधिं कुरु।।

Why are the rivers getting polluted,

The PM said that anyone will ask the question that brother, you are singing so many songs of the river, you are calling the river mother, and then why does this river get polluted? In our scriptures, even a little pollution in the rivers is said to be wrong. 

Cooperation is necessary for cleaning the rivers,
PM Modi said that we can do the work of cleaning the rivers and making them free from pollution with everyone's efforts and everyone's cooperation. He said that 'Namami Gange Mission' is also progressing today, so efforts of all the people, in a way, public awareness, mass movement, it has a big role.

The example given of Tamil Nadu's Naganadhi, The PM gave the example of the Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts of Tamil Nadu. A river flows there, the Naganadhi. Now, this Nagadhi had dried up years ago. Because of this, the water level there had also gone down very low. But, the women there took the initiative to revive their river. What was it then; They connected people, dug canals with public participation, built check dams, re-charged wells. She said that you will also be happy to know, friends, that today that river has been filled with water. And when the river is filled with water, the mind feels so relaxed, I have experienced it directly.

The water of Sabarmati makes the mind happy,
PM Modi said that many of you would know that the Sabarmati river, on the banks of which Mahatma Gandhi had built the Sabarmati Ashram, had dried up in the last few decades. Water was not visible for 6-8 months in a year, but the Narmada River and Sabarmati River were connected. If you go to Ahmadabad today, the water of the Sabarmati River makes your mind so happy.

Big changes with small efforts
PM said that one should never make the mistake of considering small things as small things. He said that if we look at the life of Mahatma Gandhi, we will feel every moment of how important small things were in his life. How did he make big resolutions come true by taking small things? Small efforts sometimes lead to big changes!

Cleanliness movement with the dream of New India
PM Modi said that Mahatma Gandhi had combined cleanliness with the dream of independence. The PM said that today after so many decades, the cleanliness movement has once again worked to connect the country with the dream of a new India. And this is also becoming a campaign to change our habits. Modi said that cleanliness is a responsibility of this generation to generation sanskar transition. When the campaign of cleanliness goes on from generation to generation, then the nature of cleanliness becomes in the whole social life.

Jan Dhan money directly to the account of poor
the PM said that now you know the country on Jan Dhan accounts began the campaign. Because of this, today the poor are getting their due money directly in their account, due to which the obstacles like corruption have come down to a great extent.

355 crore UPI transactions in a month
PM Modi said that it is true that technology can help a lot in economic cleanliness. He said that it is a matter of happiness for us that today even the common man is joining in the direction of doing digital transactions through fin-tech UPI in the village and countryside, its trend is increasing. PM Modi said that I will tell you a figure that you will be proud of. He said that in the last month of August, 355 crore transactions were done through UPI. PM Modi said that today the average digital payment of more than Rs 6 lakh crore is being done through UPI. Due to this cleanliness, transparency is coming in the economy of the country and we know now the importance of financial technology is increasing a lot.

Record made in vaccination, discussion happening in the world
PM Modi said that the country has made many such records in vaccination which are being discussed all over the world. Every Indian has an important role in this fight. He said that we have to get the vaccine when it is our turn, but we also have to keep in mind that no one should be left out of this security cycle. Those who have not got the vaccine around them also have to be taken to the vaccination centre. Even after getting the vaccine, the necessary protocol has to be followed. I hope that once again Team India will wave its flag in this fight.

PM's request- youth to know about Deendayal
PM Modi said that from the life of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, we also get a lesson to never give up. He never shied away from the vision of the Swadeshi model for India's development despite the adverse political and ideological circumstances. Many young people want to move ahead by breaking away from the made-up paths. They want to do things their own way. Deendayal ji's life can help him a lot. That's why I request the youth that they must know about them.

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