PM Modi UN Speech: PM Narendra Modi just killed Pak-China, read the big things of the speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, America on Saturday, attacked the policies of Pakistan and China without naming. Even on the issue of Afghanistan, PM Modi lashed out at Imran Khan's government. He said that the United Nations and the whole world must ensure that no country can use the soil of Afghanistan to promote terrorism for its vested interests. Let this country not become a safe haven for terrorists.

PM Modi said that the time has come for a significant change to maintain the credibility of the UN. He also said that the son of a tea seller in India, a country with thousands of year’s old democratic systems, has served the country for 20 years as Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Gujarat.
India is Mother of Democracy

I am the Prime Minister of that country which is called Mother of Democracy. We have a tradition of thousands of years of democracy. On this 15th August, India entered the 75th year of its independence. Our diversity is the hallmark of our strong democracy. A country with dozens of languages. There are hundreds of dialects. There are different lifestyles, food habits. This is a sign of democracy. The son of a tea seller at the station is addressing the United Nations for the fourth time.

Yes Democracy Can Deliver, Yes Democracy Has Delivered

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also underlined the importance of democracy. He said- Yes Democracy Can Deliver, Yes Democracy Has Delivered. In the United Nations, PM Modi also mentioned the philosophy of Integral Humanism on the birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. Said that Integral Humanism is dedicated to Antyodaya. That means no one should be left behind. With this concept, India is moving ahead on the path of development. It is our priority that development should be all-inclusive, all-touching, all-encompassing.

The need to maintain the credibility of the United Nations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Chanakya had said centuries ago that when the right work is not done at the right time, then only time kills the success of that work. If the United Nations has to keep itself relevant, then its influence has to be improved, credibility has to be increased. Today many questions are being raised on the United Nations. We have seen questions being raised on the role of the United Nations in the Climate Crisis, during the Covin. The proxy wars in many parts of the world, terrorism and now the Afghanistan crisis have deepened these questions. Said that we need to constantly alert the UN to the global order and the protection of global law and global values.

Aimed at China, said - the ocean is our common heritage

PM Modi also attacked expansionist China without naming it. Said that the ocean is our common heritage. It is also the lifeline of international trade. It has to be protected from expansionists. The international community has to raise its voice against this in one voice. The consensus reached on the matter of maritime security in the Security Council under the chairmanship of India shows the way for the world to move forward.

The threat of terrorism and extremism is increasing

PM Modi gave a strong message to Pakistan. Said that the countries which are using terrorism as a political weapon, they have to understand that terrorism is an equally big threat for them. It is necessary to ensure that the soil of Afghanistan is not used for spreading terrorism and terrorist attacks. No country should use the delicate conditions there as a tool for its selfishness. The women, children and minorities there need help. We have to help them. The PM said that the threat of terrorism and extremism is increasing in front of the world. In these circumstances, the whole world will have to change the mantra of the basis of development.

Modi also said on the system of the world

The corona epidemic has given a lesson that the system of the world will have to be further diversified. The international community must speak in one voice to strengthen the rules-based world order. India is becoming the world's trusted partner for global industrial diversification. In India, a better balance has been established in both economy and ecology. The world has appreciated India's efforts in tackling climate change.

If India develops, the world gains momentum.

PM Narendra Modi said that if India develops, then the world gets momentum. Today more than 350 crore UPI transactions are taking place in India. India's corona vaccine platform Covin is providing digital support to administer millions of doses. PM Modi said that despite limited resources, India is working hard in vaccine development and production. India has developed the world's first DNA vaccine, which can be administered to all people above the age of 12 years.

Let's make the vaccine in India

PM Modi called upon the vaccine manufacturers around the world to start manufacturing the vaccine in India. He said that we all know how important technology is in human life. Technology with democratic values ​​has to be ensured. He said that India's doctors, engineers, researchers may live in any country, and our democratic values​keep inspiring them to be engaged in the service of humanity. He said that India has once again started giving vaccines to the needy countries of the world.

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