PM Modi us President Biden together at G20 summit today news

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's relations with powerful countries around the world including America, France is improving with each passing day of him being the PM of India. This is all more visible in the body language in which the PM meets the leaders from other countries.
Whether it is American President Joe Biden or French President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with both is warm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who went to Rome for the G-20 summit, again held talks with Joe Biden and Macron on Saturday. While Biden was seen placing his hand on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shoulder, French President Macron embraced PM Modi as soon as he met.

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Some pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with the Presidents of America and France have surfaced. In these pictures, PM Modi is seen interacting with Biden and Macron. In a picture, Joe Biden's hand is on PM Modi's shoulder. It is visible from seeing the picture that how good are the relations between the leaders of the two countries. Both are seen smiling and chatting. In another picture, Joe Biden and PM Modi are also seen shaking hands.

Saturday is the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Italy. During this, the leaders of the G-20 countries met in Rome. The PMO said in a tweet, "On the sidelines of the G-20 Rome summit, PM Narendra Modi interacted with various leaders."

Earlier, on September 24, Joe Biden hosted PM Modi for the first time at the White House. Last month, PM Modi visited the US, where he met Vice President Kamala Harris, CEOs of several companies, besides Biden.
Earlier, all global leaders attending the G20 summit, including Modi, gathered for 'family photos'. In another tweet, the PMO said, "World leaders meet in Rome for the G-20 summit, an important multilateral forum of global interest."
PM Modi meets Pope Francis Earlier; Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Vatican City on Saturday and met Pope Francis. During this, he talked on various issues including Covid, general global scenario and maintaining peace and stability. This was the first one-on-one meeting between Prime Minister Modi and the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. This meeting of both was scheduled for only twenty minutes. But this meeting lasted for an hour. During this, PM Modi also invited the Pope to come to India. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar were also present with Modi at the Vatican.

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