PM Narendra Modi launches unique digital health card just like Aadhaar

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi launched the Prime Minister's Digital Health Mission (PM-DHM) today. Under this, a unique ID card will be given to all the people of the country for every Indian citizen,  The scheme was launched through video conferencing. The objective of this flagship scheme is to digitize healthcare across the country. This has been done to create a nationwide digital health eco-system.

Earlier it was running under the name of National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). It was launched by Prime Minister Modi on August 15, 2020, in Andaman-Nicobar, Chandigarh, Dadra Nagar Haveli, Damandiv, Ladakh and Lakshadweep. It has now been started across the country. 

From ration to administration, everything went digital.

On this occasion, PM Narendra Modi said that the power of the common citizen of the country has increased due to the Digital India campaign. Our country has 130 crore Aadhaar numbers, 118 crore mobile users, 800 million internet users and 43 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts, which is nowhere in the world. Today everything from ration to administration has become digital.

He said that the Arogya Setu App helped in preventing the spread of corona infection, along with it, the free vaccine is being given to everyone in the country. So far 90 crore vaccines have been given and the Kovin app has a big role in this. 


2 crore people have taken benefit of Ayushman scheme
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that till now two crore people of the country have got free treatment under Ayushman Yojana. He said that earlier there were many poor people who used to avoid going to the hospital, but due to Ayushman Bharat scheme, their fear has gone away.

RS Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Authority, told Bhaskar how this health ID or a card will be made and what will be the benefit of it. 

How to get a Health ID or Card?
NDHM Health Record (PHR Application) will be available on Google Play Store as soon as the scheme is announced. Registration will be done through that. A unique ID will be of 14 digits.
Those who do not have a mobile will be able to get the card made at the registered government-private hospital, community health centre, primary health centre, wellness centre and common service centre etc. There you will be asked for general information. Like the name, date of birth, contact etc.

What is the advantage of a Unique Health Card?
Through the card, complete information related to your health will continue to be recorded in digital format. A complete medical history will be updated. In such a situation, when you go to a hospital for treatment, you will get all the old records there in digital format. Not only this, even if you go to a hospital in another city, the data can be seen through the unique card there too. This will make it easier for doctors to treat. Also, the time and expense of many new reports or preliminary investigations etc. will be saved.

How will the information be entered into the card?
After the card is generated, you will have to scan and upload all the previous reports yourself, but all the further reports will be uploaded automatically. For example, when you are examined in a dispensary or hospital, it will be linked to the reports card through the 14 digits unique number entered in your unique ID card. NDHM personnel at the hospital will be there to assist you with this.

What information will be on the card?
All information related to your medical record will be recorded in it. Even that last time which medicine had what effect on you, what was not. Why was the medicine changed? This will help the doctor to understand the case during treatment.

How to get data in another city?
The data will not be in the hospital, but in the data centre, which will be accessible through the card. Just understand that if you go somewhere for treatment, then it will be as important for you as an Aadhar card.

Will anyone be able to see the health data?
No. The data entered in the card will be visible only if you provide its OTP number. The OTP number will be generated only when the 14 digit number of the card is entered in the computer of the registered hospital. After that, when the OTP is filled, the data will appear on the screen, but it can neither be copied nor transferred. After that, when the data of the second patient is searched, the data of the first patient will be locked. OTP will be taken again to view it again.

So can't the data transfer happen?
Maybe, but only if you give consent. When someone wants to transfer or view your data, it will ask you for OTP. If you do not approve, the data will not be shown.

Will it be mandatory to have a health card?
It will not be mandatory. It will depend on your wish whether you want to make the card or not.

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