Sameer Wankhede is Hindu or Muslim, wife tweets marriage proof

New Delhi: Ever since the Narcotics Control Bureau's Mumbai zone director Sameer Wankhede exposed the Aryan Khan Drugs case, political and personal attacks on him have intensified. Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government and an influential leader of the NCP, has opened a front against Wankhede, calling him a fake person. Even threatened that within a year Wankhede would be in jail. The case was high profile from the beginning with the arrest of the son of a Bollywood superstar, but now Wankhede himself seems to be surrounded by questions. A witness in the cruise drugs case has accused him of trying to extort Rs 8 crore.
NCB has released a list of persons being investigated in cruise drugs bust 

Fact Check: Did Sameer Wankhede slap SRK son Aryan Khan 
Sameer Wankhede is considered a sharp officer. After being accused of trying to extort, now his own department i.e. NCB has ordered an inquiry against him. However, this is not the first time that the officer probing the high profile case has himself been mired in questions. In the meat trader Moin Qureshi case, then CBI Director Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana had a scuffle. Both accused each other of taking bribes from Qureshi's people. In the Supreme Court, it turned into a case of CBI vs CBI, which brought much humiliation to the investigating agency. Similarly, in the high profile case of finding explosives at Mukesh Ambani's house, such twists came that encounter specialist Sachin Vajhe went behind the bars. '100 crore recovery'  the then Home Minister of Maharashtra, Anil Deshmukh had to resign. The then police commissioner of Mumbai, Parambir Singh, was discharged. He is still fighting a legal battle to avoid arrest.

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Who is Sameer Wankhede: Sameer Wankhede is the Director of Mumbai Zone of NCB since 2020. Originally from Maharashtra, Wankhede is a 2008 batch officer of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). His father was also a police officer. The image of Wankhede has been that of a flamboyant officer. He first came into the limelight when after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he discovered the drug connections of Bollywood actors and took action. Wankhede created panic in Bollywood. Riya Chakraborty was arrested. Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Singh, Big stars like Arjun Rampal and Shraddha Kapoor were questioned by NCB. Comedian Bharti Singh was arrested. The son-in-law of Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government, was also arrested in a case related to drugs. Wankhede was also accused of deliberately targeting and defaming Bollywood for the sake of publicity and fame.

Even before coming to NCB, Wankhede has taken action against many bigwigs of Bollywood. On July 14, 2011, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was stopped by a customs officer at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Khan had returned from Europe on a holiday and was carrying a large number of bags with him. After questioning, the officer imposed a fine of Rs 1.5 lakh for excess baggage. That officer was none other than Sameer Wankhede who was posted in Customs at that time. In 2013, Wankhede caught singer Mika Singh as a customs officer with foreign currency in excess of the prescribed quantity.

Sameer Wankhede in question; Sameer Wankhede has been accused in the past that he targets people associated with Bollywood to get publicity. NCB claims 13 grams of cocaine, 5 grams of MDMA, on cruise 21 grams of charas and 22 tablets of MDMA were found. No drug was recovered from Aryan Khan. This is the reason that even in this case, from the very beginning, he was accused of targeting Bollywood. But he came under the scanner when Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the case, made a sensational allegation of trying to take a bribe of Rs 8 crore on Wankhede. In his affidavit presented in the court, Sail has claimed that another witness in the case, KP Gosavi, had talked about a deal worth Rs 25 crore during a phone conversation with a person named Sam D'Souza. Later, there was talk of finalizing the deal for Rs 18 crore on both the phones, in which it was also said to give 8 crore rupees to Sameer Wankhede. Sal, who was Gosavi's private bodyguard, has claimed that the NCB had made him sign on blank papers. 

On controversy of whether Wankhede is a Muslim or Hindu

Kranti Redkar Wankhede's tweeted in favour of her husband, she said, “Me n my Husband Sameer r born Hindus.We hv never converted to any other religion.V respect all religions.Sameer’s father too is hindu married to my Muslim Mom in law who is no more.Sameer’s ex-marriage ws under special marriage act,divorced in 2016.Ours in hindu marriage act 2017”

Sameer Wankhede Hero or Victim?
After the sensational allegations of Prabhakar cell, NCB has also started an investigation against Sameer Wankhede. On the other hand, Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government, continues to attack the Wankhede. In the statements of Malik, the tension of the arrest of his son-in-law in a case related to drugs is also clearly visible. He is claiming that within a year, Wankhede will reach its 'real place' i.e. jail. Malik has also accused Wankhede of getting a job on the basis of fake caste certificate. A day earlier, Malik tweeted an alleged birth certificate saying that it was Wankhede's birth certificate. He claimed that Wankhede's father's name in the birth certificate was Dawood K. Wankhede is written and instead of religion, Muslim has been written. 

The NCP leader alleged that later Bankhede changed the father's name by tampering with the birth certificate and changed the religion from Muslim to Hindu. On this basis, after getting a caste certificate, got a job in IRS. On Tuesday, Malik again appeared before the media and reiterated his allegations. This time he said that he is also looking for the nikahnama of Wankhede's parents.

Wankhede, on the other hand, says that he and his family are being targeted ever since he took action in the cruise drugs case. His father and his sister are being attacked. Even his late mother is not being spared. Wankhede said that his mother Zahida was a Muslim and his father a Hindu. He has written a letter to Mumbai Police expressing apprehension that he may be implicated in some fake case. Wankhede's father also came forward and denied Malik's allegations. He said that his name is not Dawood but Gyandev Wankhede.

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