Sulli or Sulla is a derogatory term used for Muslims, Rage in Muslim community

After the Sulli Deal controversy, Muslim women are being targeted once again. On Saturday, January 1, photographs of hundreds of Muslim women were uploaded by an unknown group to an app called 'Bulli Bai' using GitHub.

Responding to this, Delhi Police on Saturday said on Twitter that they have taken cognizance of the matter and the concerned authorities have been asked to take action.

The details of this case have also been shared with Maharashtra Cyber ​​Team, the nodal agency of Maharashtra state for cyber security and cybercrime investigation.

This act of targeting Muslim women has come to the fore almost six months after the 'Sully Deals' controversy. No coercive action has been taken against the criminals especially in the Sully Deals case, while two FIRs were filed in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

While 'Sulli' or 'Sulla' is a derogatory term used for Muslims, most likely 'Bulli' is a modified form of the same.

What is the 'Bulli Bai' app?

GitHub is a hosting platform with a repository of open-source code. Like 'Sully Deals' the 'Bully By' app is also built and used on GitHub.

A woman, whose picture has been posted on it, said that "This app works just like Sully Deals. Once you open it, you randomly find the face of a Muslim woman and Display it as 'Bulli Bai'." I have been tried, I never imagined starting my new year like this" 

There is no clarity on whether or not this app has been removed from GitHub. The platform has also not issued a statement of clarification from its side.

'fear and Loathing'

Ismat Ara, a journalist with The Wire, who is also named in the app, said Muslim women have had to start the year with a "feeling of fear and hatred".

Several handles including AIMIM chief and MP Asaduddin Owaisi condemned the incident and demanded action against the perpetrators.

Question of Muslim women- 'When will action be taken'

Photographs of author Nabia Khan were misused on Sulli Deal App. Responding to the tweet assuring Delhi Police action against 'Bulli Bai', he wrote, "I am still waiting for it. It's been five months already."

She wrote, “All lies @DelhiPolice! you have never provided me with a copy of the FIR registered on my complaint dt 12/07/21 against the violation of my dignity and crimes committed against mere. Sulli Deals. I am still waiting for it. It’s been 5 months already. What action will you take this time?”

Radio jockey Saima, who has been targeted, described it as a disgusting list and said it was a reflection of India's broken justice system. She wrote on Twitter, “There are many Muslim names, including mine,in the obnoxious #BulliDeals, same as #SulliDeals

Even Najeeb's mother has not been spared. It's a reflection on India's broken justice system, a dilapidated law n order arrangement. Are we becoming the most unsafe country for women?”

Former journalist Hiba Baig tweeted that "I've censored myself, I hardly speak here anymore, but still, I'm being sold online, I'm being "dealt"..." How many online deals will it take for us to see action?"

What action has been taken so far in the 'Sully Deal' case?

Five months after Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police filed two separate FIRs in the 'Sulli Deal' controversy; the case has come to a standstill due to no arrests or progress in the investigation.

Priyanka Chaturvedi further asked that if the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can call other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, then why the same is not done for GitHub.

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