Thankfully Santa walks without wheels’; Congress taunts Modi government on Christmas

New Delhi, December 25: With rising petrol and diesel prices in the country, the opposition has been continuously targeting the Modi government at the Center on inflation. In such a situation, on the occasion of Christmas on Saturday, Congress took a jibe at the central government on the issue of inflation. Congress launched a scathing attack on the government by tweeting one after the other. In its tweet, Congress took a jibe at the government over rising oil prices, saying "Thank God Santa rides without wheels, he doesn't have to pay a hefty price for fuel."

The Congress took a jibe at the Modi government on Saturday with several tweets on Christmas. In another tweet, the Congress wrote, "Jingle bells... Jingle bells... Jingle all the way. Oh what fun buying things, taking all your savings away from you." Let us tell you that Congress has been attacking the government for some time due to inflation. Recently, Congress had organized a Dearness Hatao rally in Jaipur, in which senior Congress leaders surrounded the Modi government fiercely on the issue of inflation.

In another tweet, Congress said that they are not making a list, who is mischievous and who is good, because the government does not have any data. Simultaneously, in its other tweet, Congress wrote that for Christmas we only want a government that listens.

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