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This is equivalent to the lynching of people for which the opposition cried over the ears in India. After watching the video many people felt that noted journalist Deepak Chaurasia was Lynched at Shaheen Bagh. This is really shameful.

Thanks god Deepak Chaurasia is safe, his tweet tell us that he is alive. it states that, “सुन रहे हैं कि संविधान ख़तरे में है, सुन रहे हैं कि लड़ाई प्रजातंत्र को बचाने की है! जब मैं शाहीन बाग की उसी आवाज़ को देश को दिखाने पहुँचा तो वहाँ मॉब लिंचिंग से कम कुछ नहीं मिला! #CAAProtests #ShaheenBagh”

People supported the Journalist and raised a voice for him on social media


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