Comrade Chunchun - This is the name associated with the leftist student organization, Aisa. Sticks in one hand and stones in the other hand - this is the form of it. Left-wing student leader Chunchun Kumar was spotted outside the Periyar hostel, stoning with a stick in his hand. He was accompanied by other leftist goons. All of them were constantly doing violence together. This action of Comrade Chunchun was captured on camera. This shows that who are spreading violence in JNU was clear. In the past, many such videos of many leftist students have gone viral.

One video of Gita Kumari. Geeta has been president of the JNU Student Organization. She is still a leftist student leader. She was seen plotting an attack with masked hooligans. In the video, a person is seen explaining to them. Similarly, the video of the current president of the student union Aishi Ghosh went viral. In this video, it can be seen clearly that Aishi is helping masked goons to enter into the hostels. These leftist hooligans created terror. For the moment, watch Comrade Chunchun's video:

One of the strange things about JNU violence is that the left-wing gangsters who beat the students of ABVP later left to show themselves the victims. Despite it was available in the public, with the support of Bollywood celebrities and opposition leaders, they continued to accuse the leftist ABVP and defending themselves as innocent. Even actress Deepika Padukone reached JNU in support of the leftist. Anurag Kashyap and Javed Akhtar Sarikh campaigned on social media to save violent leftists.

In a video that is constantly appearing one after the other, the left is opening the poll. They committed riots, stoned, beaten students and damaged JNU's property. Despite this, they are constantly getting the support of Bollywood people. The government and the police are being criticized. Many victims of ABVP are admitted to hospitals but none of the celebrities cared about them.

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