Video of Worlds most advanced Robot alike Human, launched

London, December 25: The most modern and advanced robot ever made in the world has been launched and the most discussed are the expressions made on the face of this robot and the brain of the robot. This robot has been completely designed for humans and the way this robot is making its facial expressions, even big actors will fail in front of it. Along with this, this robot also has the ability to recognize 'destiny' and people were surprised when a person was trying to touch the robot's personal space.

The world's most modern 'human' robot

A new video clip of the 'world's most advanced humanoid robot is going viral, in which it is seen preventing someone's hand from touching the face. This robot has been named 'Ameka' and this robot has been manufactured by British firm Engineer Arts and the company has shared information about this robot on social media platform YouTube. In the video clip that has been shared, it is seen that a man was trying to touch the nose of the robot, but as soon as the man's hand goes near the robot's face, the robot grabs his hand.

Claims to be the world's most advanced robot

This robot has been built on the side of famous film actor Will Smith's blockbuster film Robot and it looks quite supernatural too. However, Engineer Arts, based in Cornwall, has not disclosed how much it costs to build the robot, as the robot is still under construction and its development is in progress.

Robot showing a glimpse of the future

Engineer Arts, who built this robot, hopes that the robot will give America a glimpse of the future, as it "leads to the latest generation in human-robotics technology". The company has said on its website that, 'It has been specially designed as a platform for development in future robotics technology and Robot America is fully capable of interacting with humans and it is a humanoid robot platform. . The company has said that, 'We are using the latest technology for you, which are reliable, modular, upgradeable and easy to develop.' Let us tell you that Engineer Arts, who made robots, was formed in 2005 and the name of the first robot created by it was 'Thespian'.

Robot capable of responding

On behalf of Engineer Arts, it has been said that 'The robot America reacts and it has been in front of itself and if anyone tries to touch her private places, then America will react. That, 'It's starting to bother us in the engineer arts too and we're used to it!' At the same time, the video of the American Robot is becoming fiercely viral on social media and people say that how much this robot looks like humans. People say that, after being fully formed, it will be very difficult to differentiate between this robot and humans.

Viral robot on social media

Various reactions are coming about this robot on social media and people say that the design of this robot is exquisite and the best thing is, it has no caste and no gender. This robot should be left to his imagination. People say that this robot is not scary to look at and people get pleasure after seeing it. At the same time, another user wrote that 'It is amazing how it has started making extremely small things, like blinking and facial expressions, as a living human does.'

Robot's design

It has been said on behalf of the company that, at this time the robot America cannot walk and work is being done on its running by the company and the modular of this robot will be upgraded further. However, there are still many other problems with the running of the Ameca and those problems have to be addressed. The company has said that walking is the most difficult task for a robot, and the company is expanding on the robot. The company has said that we have not yet built a full-fledged humanoid robot.

Robotic head ready Engineer Arts also produces a robotic head, known as the Adran. It has 22 custom actuators, which makes it capable of expressing human-like expressions with its eyes and face. Adran is the robot that Engineer Arts describes as 'Mesmer' and is trying to make this robot completely human-like. Which can look beautiful and effective in addition to being powerful. According to the Cornwall-based company, Mesmer robots can display a vast array of human emotions and can be made to look like anyone.

How is the face formed? Engineer Arts stated that "Each Mesmer robot is designed and manufactured from 3-D in-house scans to make it look like real people, allowing the robot to visualize the human bone structure, skin texture and expressions." can strongly imitate". Ameka Robot is the most prominent project of this company and it is built after the creation of Sofia. Sofia was designed in the year 2016, to look like a superhuman. At the same time, a Hong Kong-based company 'Hanson Robotics' has also created a humanoid robot, which is capable of talking to humans, smiling and even telling jokes. 

The robot becomes a legal citizen of Saudi

Sophia the robot made history in October 2017, when she legally became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Sofia was first designed in 2016 with a human face with a super-intelligent human-like head. She was able to blink, look from side to side and talk. The humanoid robot, made by Hong Kong-based firm Hanson Robotics, can chat, smile mischievously and can even tell jokes. Due to these capabilities of this robot, it was given the citizenship of Saudi Arabia in 2017 and this robot became the first robot in the world, which has been given legal citizenship in any country. Although Sophia has some impressive abilities, she doesn't yet have consciousness.   

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