Which vaccine is best for covid 19 in India?

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The second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination drive has already begun in India to prevent the continuous spread of corona infection in India. Many of us are still in dilemma about which vaccine we should go for?

Let’s check all the different vaccine which are approved and work differently.

Covishield: The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is being manufactured locally by the Serum Institute of India, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer Aadar Poonawala. It says it is producing more than 60 million doses a month. When the vaccine is injected into a patient.

This vaccine works on RNA technology. The vaccine when used it locks the corona vaccine spike protein. It prompts the immune system to start making antibodies and primes it to attack any coronavirus infection.

Many people complained that after injecting the vaccine people were still infected by corona. The reason was known later that vaccine is effective only 54% if the second dose is taken after 28 days. However, it is more effective if it is taken after a gap of 43 to 56 days. As per analysis, it is 80% more effective. Initially, many doctors took after a gap of 28 days and it was not effective to them and they got corona.

Effective in 56 days.

Covaccine: Another Vaccine invented by India Covaxin, by Bharat Covaxine, and ICMR is also highly effective. It is being said that this vaccine can easily handle the double or triple variant of the Coronavirus. It is included along with immune-potentiators, also known as vaccine adjuvants, which are added to the vaccine to increase and boost its immunogenicity. It is a 2-dose vaccination regimen given 28 days apart and more efficient than the Covishield. After which it gives the security of the virus from 80-85 percent. It gives the same protection as the Covishield, however in less number of gaps after which it has been taken.
Effective in 28 days

Sputnik: The vaccine, developed by Moscow's Gamaleya Institute is another fastest vaccine developed by Russia. This Sputnik vaccine gives 91.6%
protection, fast effective within 21 days. The vaccine has a demerit, the first dose is another medicine and the second dose is another vaccine, in another vaccine the first and second dose is the same. Here two different weaker viruses have been used to develop this vaccine, which helps in developing the antibody in the body. To manufacture the Sputnik vaccine on a large scale the Indian government has collaborated with Dr. Reddy and 6 other companies to manufacture this vaccine.
Effective in 21 days

Above 3 vaccines are available in India. 

Pfizer: Pfizer is 95% more effective, however, it needs -70 °C for storage. The ultra-low temperature required to store and transport the vaccine is not possible in India.
So, the conclusion is in India you won’t get an option for vaccines in hospitals, as most of the private hospitals are taking the vaccine from Serum Institute Covishield. You have three vaccines available and all have the same intensity. The only difference is the number of days in which we are going to take the two doses apart.
CONCLUSION ALL VACCINES ARE SAME only time intervals differ Covishield - 42, covaccine - 28 sputniks -21
It's not guaranty that you won’t get covid after injection but the thing is you will be at lower risk of going to hospitals and chances of recovery is more.
As per the recent government data out of 17 lakh vaccines given to people, out of that 6000 got covid.
The advantage of taking the vaccine will help you prevent from admitting and further requiring a ventilator and oxygen.

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