Who is Piyush Jain and why and how he was caught

Kanpur: The discussion of the treasure found in the house of perfume trader Piyush Jain in Kanpur (Kanpur News) of Uttar Pradesh is all around. So much money has been received from the house of perfume trader Piyush Jain in the raids of the Income Tax Department and DGGI that even if the officers are counting the notes, the machines are getting tired. During the raid that lasted for 36 hours at the house of Dhankuber Piyush Jain of Kanpur (IT Raid in Kanpur), the officers were left to grind while counting the notes. In the raids so far, about Rs, 180 crores have been recovered from the house of Piyush Jain. About 27 officers were engaged in the raid that continued for 36 hours. Also, 19 machines were used to count this money.

In fact, 180 crore rupees received from Piyush Jain's house were filled in 80 boxes and with the help of employees were sent to the bank. A total of 27 employees were continuously engaged in this operation which lasted for 36 hours. However, there was a deployment of police forces both inside and outside the house during the raid. At present, if sources are to be believed, the Income Tax Department team is still counting the notes at Piyush Jain's house.

It is being told that the team that came to raid, in two phases, this money was sent to the main branch of State Bank of India. Police and PAC teams were present during this. It is being said that the secret cupboard in the perfume trader's Piyush Jain house was filled with bundles of notes. This treasure was found behind a secret door. If sources are to be believed, seeing so many bundles of notes, the heads of the officers also turned around for some time.

Here, Pratyush, son of perfume businessman Piyush Jain, was brought by the DGGI-IT team to his sealed house in Kannauj. Here the team had questioned Piyush's son and it is being told that some money has also been recovered from here. At the same time, the team of DGGI Ahmedabad along with Trimurti Fragrance Pvt Ltd, a company making Shikhar pan masala, has seized one crore 10 lakh in the raid conducted at the house of transporter Praveen Kumar.

what are the charges Actually, Piyush Jain is accused of stealing GST worth crores of rupees by making bills in the name of many fake firms? More than 200 fake invoices and e-way bills have been found from Piyush's house. A large number of boxes have been brought to Piyush Jain's house. During the raids, a huge game of GST evasion has come to the fore.

Who is Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain is a big perfume trader of Kannauj. His original residence is Holi Chowk in Chhapatti locality of Kannauj. Apart from his house in Kanpur and Kannauj, there are also perfume factories, cold stores, petrol pumps. Piyush Jain also has a house, head officer and showroom in Mumbai. Businessmen's companies are also registered in Mumbai. Officials said that Piyush Jain has about 40 companies. Of these, 2 are in the Middle East. Jain's Mumbai showroom sells perfumes in the country and abroad.

Piyush Jain is said to be close to Akhilesh Yadav

Piyush Jain is said to be close to Akhilesh Yadav. Actually, he is a member of that perfume lobby which is close to Akhilesh. Piyush Jain also launched Samajwadi perfume a month ago in the presence of Akhilesh Yadav. Piyush's family has been living in the Anandpuri Colony of Kanpur for 8 years. He also has a house in Kannauj but he is rarely seen there in public.

How and why Piyush Jain was caught

Some time back, fake e-way bills and fake invoices found in trucks caught in Gujarat exposed the nexus between perfume trader Piyush Jain, transporter Praveen Jain and owner of Shikhar Pan Masala. After apprehending the trucks, the DGGI team did a long recce. After this, on Wednesday, first raided the place of Shikhar Pan Masala and the transporter. Many fake bills were found in the name of Piyush Jain from here. That's where Piyush came under the target of the team. During the operation in Kannauj, the diary found from his house also worked to surround the three. In the diary, along with the names of these two, there is also mention of their transactions, supply of goods etc. According to sources, after the trucks were caught in Gujarat, it was found that the goods were shown somewhere else in the written reading and were actually going somewhere else.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that most of the business was done in cash. Commission was also charged on goods going to different places. Loading-unloading of trucks was shown in large numbers every day.

SBI sent by filling the amount in 25 boxes

At the behest of DGGI officials, SBI officials helped in counting the money. Counting rupees from 17 machines. 80 steel boxes were ordered to keep the money and a container was ordered for 1200 rupees. With the help of this, the cash in the boxes has been deposited in SBI.

The business scope will be known after investigation

After getting more than 150 crore cash, the perfume trader, owners of Shikhar Pan Masala and transporter Praveen Jain may tighten further screws. The business of perfume trader has spread abroad. Thus, the scope of the investigation is likely to widen.

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