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Gujarat Godhra kand as a movie directed by RSS and Amit Shah

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Munawar is a Muslim Stand-up comedian. Born and survived in Gujarat, now Lives in Mumbai. In multiple videos viral online he can be heard speaking about the Gujarat Godhra kand as a movie directed by RSS and Amit Shah. Another video he can be heard speaking against Hindu god Ram.

In the video viral online Munawar Faruqui, can be heard referring to the 2002 Godhra carnage, he can be heard speaking in Hindi, “I was watching The Burning Train on TV. My father came and told me not to watch such nonsense and turned off the channel. I was like, ‘why so?’ He was like this is the video of Godhra kaand. And this is a news channel. I thought it is a movie directed by Amit Shah, produced by RSS… I don’t know…I was just watching a movie.

The Godhra Train Burning was an incident that occurred on the morning of 27 February 2002, in which 58 Hindu pilgrims karsevaks returning from Ayodhya, were killed in a fire inside the Sabarmati Express train near the Godhra railway station in the Indian state of Gujarat”. After the incident the violence broke out in almost every part of Gujarat, killing thousands of people.  

In yet another incident, A Social activist and former Shiv Sena leader Ramesh Solanki, who filed an online complaint, and has asked the Mumbai Police to file an FIR against Munawar for insulting Hindu God Lord Rama and Sita in his latest stand-up show.


In another video, he can be heard speaking abusive content of Hindu go Ram, and the content of the video below says, “This cartoon character who calls himself as a stand-up comedian
Insults & mocks Prabhu Sri Ram & Sita Mata in derogatory language
His name is Faruqui Munawar 

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