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With JIPMER being just around the corner, candidates all over the country are stepping up their preparation by different means. But, with just 200 seats and around 1.5 lakh candidates expected to appear for the exam, the competition is very high.To be amongst the top 200 out of 1.5 lakh people, one needs to have an edge over others and to attain the proficiency required to crack JIPMER 2018, the best option is coaching institutes.

But, a big problem is to choose the kind of coaching. Online Coaching, Offline Coaching or Integrated Coaching? All three of them come with their own advantages and limitations. Well, the most logical way to decide is to check their benefits and drawbacks and then take a stance. And since you’re with us, we will do the all the hardwork for you and will bring all the features of the three options. Have a look.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is the latest trend in exam preparation and thousands of candidates all over the country are taking benefit of it. With superfast 4G connectivity and ultra-modern devices, taking online coaching has become as easy as ordering a pizza.

Online coaching has many benefits over the other two, first of which is that you don’t need to go anywhere to study. Just sit it in your room and get live/recorded videos to study.Further, there is always an option to study at your own pace. Another major advantage is that online coaching generally costs much lesser than normal offline coaching. Not to forget the PDF assignments, online mock tests and many other things that you get with online coaching. The only thing that online coaching demands is self-discipline. If you can control yourself, be regular on your own and do not get distracted easily, then online coaching is a great thing to experience.

Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching is another new kind of trend in competitive exam preparation. In such a coaching, the students are offered special classes for exams like JIPMER 2018 in the premises of their school only. Generally, such classes are given after normal school hours. With integrated coaching, students do not need to go anywhere to get special classes for the exam.

A problem that many students face with other kinds of coaching is that they are unable to sync their school syllabus or pre university syllabus with coaching class’ syllabus. As both the organizations are independent, they complete the syllabus in their own manner. And in such a situation, it becomes tedious for students to manage school with coaching.

But with integrated coaching, this problem does not exist. Your PU classes and coaching classes go hand in hand and are completely synced with each other. Therefore, it become little easier to prepare for tough exams like JIPMER 2018.

Offline Coaching

Offline Coaching is the traditional method of coaching and still is the most preferred one. Offline coaching institutes are generally very orthodox and streamlined in their manner of teaching, which makes them the most trusted mode of learning.

Some of the institutes have been established from many years and have their own All India network, which is why many students go for them. The highly experienced faculties, personal attention to candidates and great management, all are the features of offline coaching.

Also, if you opt for coaching from a national level institute, you will get their own books for each subject, which are the best material to practice from. Mock Tests, Discussions, Special Classes are some more things to add on.The only thing you need to do is to be regular. If you regularly attend the classes, solve the assignments given and stay in touch with your mentors, then offline coaching can do wonders.

What to choose?

The question of choosing one out of the three choices will have different answers for different people. One must evaluate his/her circumstances and then take the decision.

As a general guide, one should take a look at these things while choosing one of three modes: -

  • Your ability to spend money (i.e. your financial condition)
  • Number of hours that you’ve got to spend on such coaching
  • Your abilities/weaknesses as a student
  • Your grasping power/speed
  • Your time management abilities

With all these things put together, you will definitely be able to take an informed decision regarding which coaching to join. JIPMER 2018 demands great level of practice and proficiency. So take the wisest decision possible and bag a seat at one country’s best medical institutes. All the best!

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