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All schools are unique and give a future to society. A school does a lot to teach every kid to give the right education. It gives lots of training to its teacher to convey this message from the teachers to the students. The school does everything correctly, however, sometimes it fails to get the attention of parents and kids, to get more admission to the school.   

With more schools opening in your neighborhood, the right type of promotion is necessary to get more attention from parents, who would know their kid is safe in your school.

Steps to get more Students enroll in a school.

  1. Create a positive first impression. Create a positive environment of your school, by highlighting all the good information about your school on a website like ayupp.com, where people can know beforehand what you do. Let people be aware of why you are the best.
  2. Easy to search: Let people be aware of your location, other than your official school website. Let them easily search and find the location to reach you. Let me feel you are available next door to them.
  3. Help parents make the right decisions about education. Every parent has a specific requirement for his/her ward. He knows what is best for him/her. Let the parents feel they have made the right choice in enrolling his son/daughter in your school. Reach out to them with proper information about your school through our website ayupp.com,
  4. Publicize your star students. The star student of your school needs to be known to all, if possible you from the school are the first person can promote him/her so that everyone knows about him in the world. Don’t stop back; promote your school and your star performer to everyone around this world. 
  5. Social media. Promoting the link you have published on our website, on to the Social media, gives you another handy tool to promote your school to another level. It lets your school to be known more to every people. Our activity on social media will help you as well.
  6. Publishing link on Ayupp.com. We at ayupp.com have been running the website for more than 6 years and have got our own brand. Publishing any link to our website means you are directly interacting with the up-coming generation of students and finding gaining the faith of every Parent. We will surely help you by getting more brand value for your school.


How you can associate with Ayupp.com?

  1. To associate with Ayupp you have to email us the content you want to publish for your school.
  2. You have to send us detailed information about the content you want to publish, to our email address. in.ayupp@gmail.com; contact@ayupp.com
  3. After going through your content, if we find everything up to standard, we publish your link and inform you back.


How to give us the best content?

  1. Focus your marketing message. What is your school’s marketing message? Is it to help struggling students get up to speed, develop the athletic and scholastic aptitude, or to improve character and discipline? Perhaps, your school does all these things and more, but choose one thing that your school does really well and make that the focal point of your marketing message in all your promotions.
  2. Improve signage. School signs are an instant way to capture attention. It is a way to promote fundraisers and ask for volunteers. It is a way to announce special occasions and sporting events. And, it is a way to acknowledge teachers, students, and sponsors. Make a list of all the things that you would like to announce or bring attention to at your school, then look at the many types of signage available, from bumper stickers to mesh banners while you may not be able to get signage for everything, focus on boosting awareness on important things happening in your school.  
  3. Create a welcome package for new students. What do parents and new students get after they enroll? Perhaps, a folder outlining important information like important dates for special occasions and an outline of all extracurricular activities and tutorial opportunities.
  4. Make your school a friendlier place. Besides making friendliness part of the school’s policy and customer service, you could encourage friendliness by becoming open to feedback, issuing thank you certificates, and getting more involved in community projects through school volunteers and opening up the school for community events.
  5. Keep updated: let parents and people around the school know what is currently going in the school.
  6. Put the best answers that every parent might be looking for, answers all the queries through our website publication.
  7. You can publish content in the form of chapters, later you can bind it as a book for a particular year,


How much we charge?

  1. We charge a very nominal amount based on the number of words and images used for the content published.
  2. We charge article content for less than 400 words, we Charge up to Rs 400 / per article.
  3. We charge article content for less than 1000 words, we Charge up to Rs 450/ per article.
  4. We charge article content for more than 1000 words, we Charge up to Rs 500/ per article.
  5. For a pack of 5 articles, we charge Rs 1500, for any length of the article.
  6. For a pack of 10 articles, we charge Rs 2,500, for any length of the article.
  7. For every Image published on our website, we charge an Rs 20 / per Image.


How you can pay?

  1. We consider only online payment through PayTm / Google Pay / Phone Pay /UPI payment.
  2. We would like to get the payment done after every publishing of content.

Do reach us with content and the world will reach to your school.

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