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Has Microsoft stopped access to its email account –Scam

Observation – It is being circulated that a Department from Microsoft has sent message that users are no longer allowed to access their email accounts for some security reasons.

Our Analysis – This is fake news and I am able to access my Microsoft email account. This is a phishing attack so that user can click on the site.

Message -

Subject: Request 352 – on pending.
You are no longer allowed to access your e-mail account. We had to disable your online access for your security.This can be because of a recent change in your address or submitting incorrect information during the initial registration process.

Please verify your Hotmail account within the next 48 hours in order to avoid full online suspension.
After an effective account verification you will be able to use your login as usual
Follow our secure verification page to proceed to an effective online authentification.

[Link removed]

We respect your privacy and will not provide your personal information to other parties without your consent.

Vice President Customer E-mail Service

Microsoft Department 2017
Please do not reply this e-mail as it not monitored.

Our Analysis: Such links are usually termed as Phishing links. When user clicks on such links he is redirected to other fake site. In this case, the redirected site might look like Microsoft Login page. User enters their actual id/pwd and phishers stores your details for further hacking. 

Phishers are the people who have expertise in fooling you by creating a fake email account. It might seem that the mail account is from some person you might know and trust. It could be from the bank in which you have account, credit card or some top web sites. They send mail to you to confirm your account details by clicking on the link that they send in the mail. On clicking it might redirect to the website similar to the actual website. And here comes the trap, if you enter your details, then these phishers get access of your personal data. They can use it to make actual purchases online.

To read more about phishing click on the below link: