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Chetan Bhagat praised himself, Chetan Bhagat tolled by his fans

Chetan Bhagat wrote - No actor, no cricketer, nor model, only a writer, who had a dream, has now become one million followers.

Chetan Bhagat has huge fan followers. He is the icon of today’s youth, he is known for his sharp reactions on Twitter. This micro blogging site has a vast world of followers. Recently, Chetan Bhagat is crossing the number of followers on twitter to 10 million. In India only few people have achieved this status. Chetan Bhagat praised himself in this joy of Twitter itself. But with the attempt of Chetan Bhagat to become his own mouth Mian Mithu, activists of social media got burnt. And the people started shouting, taunting and abusing them. Chetan Bhagat wrote, 'No self-made films were made, neither photographs were cleaved, nor pictures of six packs, nor any power of power, neither son of any bigger personality, nor actor, nor cricketer, Nor the model, only one writer, who had a dream, now has become one million followers. Thanks to all 10 million people, I do not have the word to express my feelings. Be positive, love.

He has faced the brunt of trolls by his followers  after mentioning the actor, cricketer and model in his tweets. One user wrote, 'You do not have any common sense, you show strictness, you have no understanding, and things make things bigger. One user said thank you, but there are all the things mentioned above in your book.

Ironically, number of followers of Chetan Bhagat decreased after this tweet, his account reflected 9.9 million instead of 10 million, and people took a dig at him for that too! “Looks like .1 million unfollwed you after this cringy tweet”.