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Finger Caps for Bogus Voting in UP Polls Caught By EC - Fake

UP Election – Election in Uttar Pradesh is on full swing and all parties trying their best to project their candidates. Related to UP Polls, below message has been circulated on social media –

Message 1:

Caught by EC in UP polls..Finger caps for bogus voting...Nothing to beat India in innovative ideas .

Message 2:

Caught by EC in UP polls - Finger caps for bogus voting. God save our country!!

Our Analysis –

The message says that Finger Caps is being used for Bogus Voting in UP Polls and it has been caught By Election Commission (EC). This news is fake and utter nonsense being spread on social media. The images being displayed in the hoax message is actually prosthetic fingers  and it has no connection with the UP elections at all.

No such news is available on Election Commission site - http://eci.nic.in/eci/eci.html or any other prime news channel sites.  

 Conclusion – Do not believe in any news without verification.