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New Employment Rules by PM Modi IT Companies- Mumbai NBFC -FAKE

Below message has been circulated on social media :

Message Sample :

Good news for employees
One more positive Jhatka from PM MODI for all private company ….1) All private company employees will work only 8hrs.

2) If management ask to wait more than 8hrs, employee can sue the management in the court.

3) Employee can take weekly 1day leave apart from sat n sun.

4) Company has to give mandatory 30% rise in annual salary.

5) If employee wants to leave job, Company has to pay his full n final settlement on the last day of his service.

6) None of the employee can be terminated, as they were hired after long rounds of interview.

7) Special privileged leave on birthday, anniversary and celebration at home apart from annual leaves.

8) Minimum 1 hour of rest during working hours.

9) Free membership for extra curricular activities.

Effective from today midnight..
This message was received from Mumbai NBFC.

employees , the same I am forwarding, for all your information,
Forwarded as received…

Our Analysis – The above messages spread news regarding the new employment act being circulated by PM modi for private companies. This message is being circulated by Mumbai NBFC.  The new rules look good and somewhat funny as well. None of the top media houses or any news channel have ever published these details.

Conclusion – If these new employment rules are implemented it will be good for IT employees. But unfortunately these are just rumours and can be termed as a fake message.


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