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RTI Claims Does PM modi works for 18 hour a day Fact Check

Modi declared as the best PM chosen by UNESCO

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Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

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According to RTI pm modi works 18-20hours per day.
Dear PM Modi, your 20-hour-day.

Our role model "NAMO" works 18 hours per day , he is 66 year old , and he work for 1.25 billion of us .

Is it not a right time and moral responsibility of we all to support Modi with a "pledge to work " 12-14 hrs perday ,


Ayupp Analysis – Prime Minister of India has been credited as best PM by UNESCO. PM modi works 18-20 hours per day. There has been several news regarding news related to current BJP government. The news with regards to UNESCO was false. UNESCO never makes such declarations. Similarly, there was no RTI query being submitted by anyone with regards to the working hours of Prime Minister of India. The confession regarding PM working 18-20 hours per day is made by PMO member. Read the complete details at SatyaVijay website. There is no mention of PMO member. I don’t think there is any harm in giving name of this person. If he speaking truth then there can be no better popularity for BJP than this. None of the BJP members ever announced this officially that PM is working 18-20 hours.

There is no doubt that PM Modi is the best PM till date and he is working hard, but there is no proof that he is working this long. In real time, no human being can work 20 hours per day at this age.