Motor Vehicle Act 2017 – Its Feb 26th and till now no new motor vehicle act is being passed by central government. Few media sites has been spreading news about it as shown below :

Message 1:

Another Jhatka from PM*:

Be CAREFUL from tomorrow!
New Motor Vehicle Act passed on 21 February 2017 in Rajya Sabha.
Offence - Fine

Four Wheeler

Without Belt - Rs 1000
Without PUC - Rs 1500
Without Insurance - Rs 10000
Without paper - Rs 5000 and impound
Without license - Rs 10000 and vehicle impound

All original papers should be taken along while driving.

Mobile while driving - Rs 5000
Drunk & Driving - Rs 25000
Three times memo - 'License Japt' in both two and four wheelers.
After 3rd time of such offence, license stands cancelled pan India.

Please inform in all your groups.
Effective from tomorrow.


Our Analysis – The above news states that central government has come up with New Motor vehicle act on 21st February 2017. It includes various kinds of increased fines on breaking the traffic rules. For instance, if you are travelling without licence you might have to pay 10,000 ruppes and for drunk and driving 25,000.

This is utter nonsense being spread on internet.  There is no such motor vehicle bill being passed. Read the below amendment posted on government of India site in August 2016 -

There is no official communication made by government of India with regards to Motor bill for 2017.

Conclusion – UP elections are going on and its best time to defame central government fake policies and give advantage to its competitors. This news is only hoax message being created to divert minds of people. Do not believe in such hoax news being spread on social media.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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