Aadhaar verification call Airtel Vodafone hacks bank account  

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by – Account can be hacked but not by using the method given below

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आधार कार्ड वेरिफिकेशन कॉल से आपका आधार कार्ड नम्बर पूछे तो कभी ना बतायेआपका सीम कार्ड बंद और आपके बैंक अकाउंट का पैसा भी गायब हो सकता है|

*एक जरूरी सुचना❗ आपको एक आधार कार्ड वेरिफिकेशन कॉल  कभी भी आ सकता है, आपको आपका आधार कार्ड नम्बर पूछा जाएगा और कहा जायेगा कि ये आईडिया, एयरटेल, वोडाफोन (जो भी आपका मोबाइल ऑपरेटर हो) की तरफ से वेरिफिकेशन कॉल है। आप से कहा जायेगा कि अगर आपके पास आधार कार्ड है तो १ दबाएं, फिर आपसे आपका आधार नंबर मांग लिया जाएगा। लगभग सभी लोगों के बैंक एकाउंट आधार कार्ड से लिंक हैं, इसलिए आपसे कुछ और बटन दबाने के लिए भी कहा जायेगा।  फिर आपसे आपके मोबाइल पर आया हुआ otp मांग लिया जाएगा। one time  password दबाते ही आपका आधार कार्ड से लिंक बैंक account खाली हो जाएगा और कॉल भी स्वतः ही कट जाएगी। ऐसे फर्जी काल से बचे और अपने दोस्तों और  रिस्तेदारो बचाये आप अपना आधार कार्ड नम्बर कतई नहीं बताये। आपका बैंक एकाउंट खाली हो जाएगा। अगर किसी भी मोबाइल कंपनी या बैंक को आपका आधार कार्ड चाहिए होता है तब उनका एग्जीक्यूटिव आपसे साइन की हुई कॉपी कार्यालय में जमा करने के लिए कहता है। किसी के भी झांसे में न आएं। यह पोस्ट बाकि लोगों तक भी पहुचाये। जनहित में जारी:-

Ayupp Analysis – The above message informs readers on social media that hackers can use your Aadhaar details to hack your account. For instance, they might call you in the name of your mobile network provider. It can be Airtel, vodafone or any other. They will represent themselves as aadhaar verification call and some personal details from you like – aadhaar number. Since your aadhaar is linked to bank account so they can contact your bank and then ask you for OTP then all your money is transferred.

As per our verification, it is not as simple as it looks in the message. Unless and until you are complete dumb and have shared all your information. I will tell you how the real hacking can take place. The hacker might get your aadhaar details and fetch some personal information about you like your bank account and card details. In the second call he can become a bank employee and since he already has your details, then he can easily fool you. Like he/she might say your aadhaar number or account number so that you can believe him. Remember that you should never give your customer id. They can click on forget password using your customer id and when you get OTP, then can ask you for that. Once you provide OTP, they can easily change your password and login to your account. And make some online transfers. In many cases they will ask you to switch off your phone for 2 hours, so that you are not alerted with your withdrawal messages.

Practically, just by using aadhaar number you cannot fetch bank details, but it can be used as a follow up call to gain your confidence and get further details. Using aadhaar number you can only verify if the aadhaar is correct or not. That’s it.

Hence this kind of incidence do happen in real life and I have seen many people becoming victim of it. It’s always advised never to share your personal information to anyone. If the call is from your network provider then ask for official mail from them on which you can reply with your details. 

There are several ways in which you can secure your aadhaar card. India times has written very good article about this.

We cannot term this message as fake – since you should never give aadhaar details to anyone. They cannot directly hack your account but it can be used in some or other way.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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