Army does bhangara with BJP MLAs who came to support dera Pramukh in Panchkoola

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#BJP_MLA of Haryana, Ram Chand Kamboj came to panchkoola to support Dera Prmukh, Haryana police informed Army, Than Army did memorable Bhangra dance with MLA. Please look and enjoy



Ayupp Analysis – To begin with, Ram Chand Kamboj is not a BJP MLA. He belongs to Indian National Lok Dal and he is the MLA from Rania constituency. 


Coming to the video. It is very old video and was posted originally in April, 2011.

And later the same clip was uploaded on Nov, 2014-

The person who is being beaten is Raja Chaturvedi ( from Samajwadi Party) and not Ram Chand Kamboj. In the video, Raja is seen beaten by UP police in front of UP assembly

It looks like the viral video was circulated with intention to blame BJP in Haryana. The person who had circulated this video knew clearly about the fact, still they posted this video to take political mileage out of Haryana Baba and Dera rape accused Ram Rahim. Such kind of politics and politicians should be discouraged. People should not share and allow such fake news to circulate openly.

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