Kids Beaten – A lot people have been commenting on the below video :

Viral video –

Viral Message 1:

It is in Beharampur milia international boarding school…… West Bengal, India.
share as much as you can so that this school closes down….. sack all the teachers . Thank you

Viral Message 2:

Cruel treatment meted out  to boarding school toddlers of  Milia international boarding school ,in perambur , Chennai

Our Analysis – The above video gives a message that an arrogant and angry man is beating children’s of very young age. The way he is treating is very harsh and cruel. Anyone will start to feel sad and angry at the same time. In real time such incidents should not occur. This video is real and such incidence has happened.

The viral message tells that such havoc occurred in West Bengal or in Chennai or in India. In one the posts being sent to Times of India by citizen’s journalist also hinted that such thing has occurred in India only. In reality this is video being recorded in August 2014 in Egypt. Wife recorded  this video in hidden mode inside the orphanage. The person who is beating children’s seems to be orphanage manager.

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Conclusion- Though this video is not shot in India, but the level of cruelty being shown in intolerable for any human being. Such things should be condemned universally.

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