Brief Outline: Senior editor Vinod Dua delivered the biggest fake news of the year 2018, craftily editing out a part of the interview with Nitin Gadkari where the Union minister had blamed the UPA for stalled projects

Facts Check: Fake

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left-wing propagandist Vinod Dua, twisted Nitin Gadkari’s comments in the interview in episode 7 of his video blog titled The Vinod Dua Show, where he suggest that Gadkari was blaming his own (BJP) government for stalled projects.

Dua’s cleverly shows contains a clip of the interview where Gadkari is blaming the government, but does not say which government. Vinod Dua goes on to say that this proves growing dissent in the BJP, and suggests after Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha etc, now people from RSS like Nitin Gadkari are also speaking against the government.

The below video taken from the video posted by Office of Nitin Gadkari

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Facts Check Analysis: Vinod Dua, a left-wing propagandist accused of sexually harassing a filmmaker has come back with another biggest fake news of the year, to pursue his personal propaganda against Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and the NDA by doctoring one of Gadkari’s interviews with the HW News. He is currently working with the HW News.

Accused of Molestation, Vinod Dua gets new job at HW NEWS after The Wire

Vinod Dua, well known for his programs and left leaning. He is also one of the media persons accused of sexual harassment and stalking. After taking a exit from the leftist leaning website The Wire, he has got himself a new job at HW News Network.

On December 21, HW News, published an exclusive interview with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. In the interview, Nitin Gadkari talked about how hundreds of projects were stalled when he took over the charge of the ministry, and how he revived the projects with various measures. Clearly he was talking of the previous Congress led UPA government at the centre.

However Dua cleverly edited portion of Gadkari’s interview to create an impression of a rift in BJP and setting some other goals. Vinod Dua edited the video to claim that the ‘government’ which Gadkari referred to was the present NDA government led by Narendra Modi and not the UPA government.

The below video posted by Office of Nitin Gadkari, no where he blamed the present NDA government.

After the rebuttal by Nitin Gadkari, episode 7 of Nitin Gadkari has been removed from both

HW news website and Youtube where the show was earliar hosted has been removed. The link to the page on the website returns a 404 error. Google search of the same news.

hwnews has now pulled down the old link and come up with a clarification, instead of  apologies for peddling fake news.

Clarification: The Vinod Dua Show – Episode 7

HW News Network on 20th December 2018 had aired the 7th Episode of Vinod Dua which carried a clipping of an interview with Road Transport &Highways, Shipping and Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari. That clip was erroneously sent incomplete to Mr Dua, based on which Mr. Vinod Dua conveyed his comments. Mr Dua sends his anchor links from Delhi and insertions of clips and graphics etc is done in Mumbai.

Hence, as corrective measure we have pulled down the episode and will reload the corrected version very soon. We would like to point out that we continue to air the entire interview with Mr. Nitin Gadkari on all our channel platforms .

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