Posts shared on the Blocks Advice site included details of gang rape, advice on how to force a woman into having sex and invitations to bombard women with porn.

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There is a lot of media hype, However much late against a Facebook group which ran for a long time. However knowing more about this group. The group is entirely based on women. But beware the members are all men. The members are not one or two but more than over 2 lakh.   The most dangerous thing about the group was that it taught the men how to rape the women. How to go against the women’s will and have sex with them.

The Facebook group was created last year in May and within a short span of time it got more than 2 lakh members. And they all were men. The group was not related to any religious activities, but to sex.

Origin: the group was formed in Australia; the first time people came to know when a lady Clementine Ford shared a screen short message from the group. Initially the post included site related details related to gang rape, advice on how to force a women into having sex and invitation to bombard women with porn.

The Site administrator asked the members to provide supply graphic images of a women in their life in order to join the site.

Ayupp Analysis: It is real news where people used to post disgusting and biased comments against women and advices on sexual talk and rape. Currently Block Advice facebook group page is blocked by facebook itself and all the pages related to this group is deleted.

A petition was conducted on a website to close the Blocks Advice

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