Tomato Ketchup
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Blood Urine Cocaine Nutmeg used to make Tomato Ketchup – Fake

Below messages is circulated online with regards to Tomato Ketchup preparation:

Facebook Message:

Did you know that Tomato 🍅 does not enter into the ketchup industry, &is made from a mixture of animal blood paste , cocaine, alcohol & urine! If U do not believe watch the film.

Our Analysis – The above video is incorrect and fake. Though the process can be violated and made using the contents that it used in the video. It can only be done as illegal work in the country where there is no check on food quality.

Ideally, the below video displays the correct process of tomato ketchup preparation-

Tomato ketchup is made of  are tomatoes, sweeteners, vinegar, salt, spices, flavorings, onion, and/or garlic. Sweetener can be in the form of cane sugar or beet sugar. It can also include dextrose or liquid sugar which can be in the form of corn or glucose syrup.

Conclusion – The above news which is making rounds in social media that tomato Ketchup Is Made of Blood, Urine, Cocaine and Nutmeg is a fake news. If anyone uses such things in ketchup then it can be easily caught by the Food Inspection Authority of the concerned country.