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Brief Outline: A video claiming of Mumbai airport after rain is actually not Mumbai this video is of Mexico   

Facts Check: Fake

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Facts Check Analysis: As seen in the video a flooded airport, being shared on the social media with the text message on the video claiming to be of Mumbai Airport is fake. This is not Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, but taken at Mexico’s Benito Juárez International Airport in 2017.

The video clip can be found on YouTube as Houston airport after Hurrican Harvey, Hyderabad airport and Bangalore airport.

As reported in the website Chilango,  as of Aug 2017.

This video shows an operator on the track in the middle of a water current.  The airport was closed for almost five hours. From 6:40 in the afternoon and until 11:30 at night. Around 150 flights were diverted.


VIDEO El aeropuerto como nunca lo habíamos visto: inundado

Las lluvias de ayer además de que impidieron cualquier despegue o aterrizaje nos dejaron una imagen que pocas veces se ve: la zona de pistas parecía el regreso del Lago de Texcoco. En Twitter circula este video en el que se ve un operador en pista en medio de una corriente de agua.

Original video

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