Brief Outline: An audio clip of Arvind kejriwal going viral in New Delhi, which claims that the BJP has removed someone from the voting list, is it possible?

Facts Check: False, it is not possible for a political party to remove someone.

What is Viral?

Listen how AAP Delhi is running this propaganda call centre. I have received one such call today. Fooling people. Alas, this time they were caught red-handed. @ArvindKejriwal #SoundCloud …


इस बार केजरीवाल टीम ने मेरे जानकार मनोज को फ़ोन करके गुमराह करने की कोशिश की मनोज ने ऐसा टिकाकर जवाब दिया कि फ़ोन वाली मैडम चुप ही हो गई सुनिये और सबको सुनाईये - @ArvindKejriwal कैसे झूठे प्रचार और घटिया हथकंडे अपना कर दिल्लीवालों का वोट पाना चाहता है @ANI @ZeeNews @BJP4Delhi

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Facts Check Analysis: Interestingly the news is popular in social media claiming to be from Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, (Ayupp do not confirm to the Authencity to the audio tapes).

The audio popular in the social media claiming to be from Aam Aadmi Party. The caller is calling randomly and tells the people that their names have been removed from the electoral rolls of New Delhi, by the present Central government BJP. The caller tells that Arvind Kejriwal had gotten hold of the list of the names removed after a lot of difficulties contacting the Election Commission (EC) and that he will call him again later for updates on the matter.

The question is can a political party remove or add some one in the Electoral List, do they have such powers to do so, the answer is No party, ruling or opposition, has the power to remove or add any names in the Voters list at its will.

As the lok Sabha elections are coming near, the shift from EVM machine might be shifting to another hoaxes like your names was removed and many other.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) manages the voter list of individual across India. to remove a person from a voting list .

To remove a person from the voting list he/she has to fill the Form 7, provided by ECI. The person has to give all the details that why he/she wants their names to be removed from the Voter’s list. It can be done online through the web portal of the Election Commission of India or in person.

There was another case when the ECI itself removed several names during the 2014 lok sabha elections; it removed duplicate names and inactive voter from the voting list.

Do not fall prey to such calls.

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Archana Roy is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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