salt and salvia used to break car glass window

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Car Owners Becareful.. A table spoon of salt and saliva is enough to breakthe car glass window.

Ayupp Analysis –  At first look it looks like real video. Where police is seen holding a thief and he demonstrates how he mixes something with his salvia and breaks the car window. There is more proof that these people are true what they are showing. It could be a framed picture just fot youtube promotion. In real time this can be made possible by accelerating the block of salt to .99999999999c and aim it at the glass. It will probably break the glass. But it almost impossible for a man to hit with this much accuracy.

The second logic goes with the use porcelain from a spark plug. In other words we can say that the ceramic that is used to create spark plug was used to crack the car window. Really surprising to the below car windows getting cracked.

Hence there is no magic when you mix salt and salvia. No chemical reaction takes place when salt and salvia is mixed other than salt taste. The real trick in done by spark plug ceramic. Breaking the glass using porcelain is one of the most widely used techniques for breaking glass window. This can be used when you are in distress or by thieves when they are in stress.

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