Can we die after consuming Coke and mango??

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Some of the food we do eat is very detrimental to health. Eating fruit such as pawpaw and mangoes, the person should not drink any kinds of minerals be it coke or pepsi, It is very poisonous, and can leads to death or serious typhoid fever because the fruit has some acidic, when react with the gas of the pepsi or coke it will affect the heart. Another fruit that react negatively, is that of pepper fruit and any bear ( Alcohol ). It can cause you your life.
A person that eat Corn should not drink Ogogoro ( Alcohol ) is very harmful to once life.
Eating wall-nut, you should not drink tablet immediately, if you do, it is detrimental to health.
A person that soak gari and eat should not lick mangoes instantly, it could cause problem to your health.
Don't drink ogogoro and eat dry gari. To cut the story short prevention is better than cure. This is advice.

Ayupp Analysis – This is fake news. Sometimes we do not need any evidence for confirmation of any hoax news. As per my personal experience, I have tried several times drinking coke and then mango shake or even mango and I am still alive with no side effects as well. Someone could die if the coke has expired and that would have created some poison inside the body. There are several sites on the internet which have also verified the same - 


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