Breaking New BN: child image being punished by men in pink shirt

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Brief Outline: The news of the child being severely tortured was shared on a social media group Breaking New BN just to gain certain likes and share, even the group gave wrong information regarding the child in the picture

Facts Check: Fake

Example Fake news: This Boy is 11 years old. he loose his parents when he was 9.

now he is Adopted son. and he works 20 Hours, if he want to sleep more than 2 Hour, this man suffer him Like this.

Everyone must pray for this Child.

Don't scroll down without a word or #Amen"BN.

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Detailed Analysis: The news of the child being severely tortured was shared on a social media group Breaking New BN just to gain certain likes and share, even the group gave wrong information regarding the child in the picture, the boy doesn’t works for 20 hours, however he was being tortured in the picture for steeling coconuts.

Different stories are associated with this picture some say it was horrible act to be just done to show it on the social media to gain more attention, while there has been another news from Vietname of this little child.

Photos of a boy being tortured for allegedly stole a coconut were widely shared among the Vietnamese community. In fact, this brutality has taken place in Cambodia in August 2014.

The story shows the photo of the boy being tied and pushed into a cardboard box
The man tied him to the pole, hit him, torn shirts in the middle of the market because of theft

The photos of a boy being beaten, brutally tortured for allegedly stealing a coconut were widely shared among Vietnamese community members, receiving the goods. tens of thousands of likes and thousands of comments, express anger.

From the photos can see, the man in the Short pants, the pink shirt held the boy’s hair on the head, Hands tied back.

The pictures show that the boy was pushed from the head into the black water jar.

Most people are disgusted by the barbaric, inhumane actions of the man in pink.

Many users in Vietnam network were extremely sad when the boy was brutally tortured.

Many people expressed their anger and said that despite the boy's wrongdoing, the man's actions were too cruel and unacceptable.

One user commented, "In one’s life, who does not make a mistake, how can a man treat a child so badly? Have heart, have selflessness to educate her to return to the right path, honest. "

The same opinion, one other person said, "Children are still children, just because one or two coconuts, torture human beings to such a level is indeed too cruel.  

In addition to comments expressing urgency, many network users also think that this incident occurred in Vietnam. However, according to research, this incident actually occurred in Cambodia in late August 2014.  

Local media reported the incident in Pearang district, Prey Veng province, when a 14-year-old mon Veasna stole the coconut and was stabbed by two men named Heng Dane (35) and Heng Vanny (35). 28) caught. Then, the two men tied up and put the boy's head in a dirty jar containing urine to irrigate the plant.

Shortly after the incident, local authorities quickly investigated and arrested two men for assaulting minors.

Portrait of two cruel men arrested by functional forces.

In addition, after the shocking events in Cambodia, many benefactors donated money to support the poor boy. In particular, Khai Prasith - a famous actor in Cambodia in the 1980s, also voiced his wish to adopt a 14-year-old boy. "After looking at the pictures of the tortured boy, I cried and I tried to contact my friends to help him," the actor said.

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