China Glass Bridge Collapses – No – its bridge in Vietnam

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China Glass Bridge - Below messages has been circulating on social media :

Message 1:

RIP po sa mga namatayan :(
This was in Vietnam.

RIP to the loved ones :(
This was in Vietnam.

Made in China kasi. Dapat di pnagkatiwalaan. R.I.P.😢 nakakalungkot yung video.

Message 2:

Here's the terrifying video that showed lifeless people who died after abridge collapsed! The netizens claimed that this bridge was the famous Zhang Jia Jie bridge in China! How true is this?

Message 3:

Nakakatindig balahibo naman ang pangyayaring ito! Ang daming namatay sa sakuna, Sabi kasi ng karamihan ay nangyari ito sa sikat na Zhang Jia Jie 

Glass Bridge sa China! Totoo nga kaya ito? Panoorin niyo po!

Nakakatindig fur the great! Many died in the disaster, says it occurs most popular in Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge in China! This is so true? Watch It!

Message 4:

The below video has went viral:

Our Analysis: This video displays video of a bridge in Vietnam and its not Glass Bridge of China.

Below bridge displays how strong Glass Bridge of China is :

The glass bridge of China holds the record for world’s longest Glass bridge at the height of 590 ft high. It has glass bottomed walkway. It is located Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan (China), and it  spans 300m (984f).

Conclusion: Do not believe in the rumours. The beautiful glass bridge is still intact in China. This is fake message spread in social that China Glass Bridge has collapsed.

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