Brief Outline: The Message claims Christian Missionaries burning idol of Lord Krishna & Indian National Flag in Mizoram is true but too old. 

Ayupp Verification: Fake

Viral news Example: 

Christian Missionaries burning idol of Lord Krishna & Indian National Flag in Mizoram.
If your blood doesn't boil, you are no Indian.
Majority paying price for pampering minorities.

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Detailed Analysis: In a video shared on the social media claims of  Christian Missionaries burning idol of Lord Krishna & Indian National Flag is from Mizoram and the video is from September 2017. In the video we can see some boys and a man dressed in white robes raising slogans against india and burning Hindu Idol and the Indian flag. The group comprised of young boys, most of them teenagers wearing traditional Mizo attire.

Coming to the election next year it is not doubtful why such videos are going viral now only. As reported by firstpost article dated Sep 30, 2017 titled In Mizoram, fringe sect burns Hindu idols, tricolour in bid to fray tempers (archive here). The firstpost reported that Members of a newly emerging sect of Christianity in Mizoram recently burned a Hindu idol and set the tricolour ablaze. This incident comes to light at a time when the rise of Hindu nationalism has caused a number of incidents of communal violence across India.

Police sources said that the name of the man in the white robe is Lalrinawma, who identifies himself as a Christian preacher and as per police this was not the first such instance of burning of Indian flag and a Hindu idol in Lunglei town.

The incident took place on 21 September at Lunglei district in Mizoram, However the video has gone much viral now on the social media.

How the Christians group said after this incident:

As per a article posted on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India website cbci, the Catholic Bishops condemned this incident, as written in the article.

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we have learnt from sections of the National Press of an unfortunate incident in which members of a sect calling themselves Christians, have burnt images of Hindu deities and our Indian National Flag in Lunglie District of Mizoram. We have been in touch with the local Catholic Bishop of Aizawl, Bishop Stephen Rotluanga, who is upset about the happenings.  

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India strongly and unequivocally denounces this deplorable act. We want to state very clearly that we stand firmly against any sort of fundamentalism, wherever it may come from. Any attempt to cause division and sow hatred is against the principles of Christianity and against humanity. The Catholic Church along with other Christian Churches has always stood for national unity and for peace and harmony among all peoples.

Mizoram is a state in Northeast India, with Aizawl as its capital city. The name is derived from "Mizo", the name of the native inhabitants, and "Ram", which means land, and thus Mizoram means "land of the Mizos". Within the northeast region, it is the southernmost landlocked state, sharing borders with three of the Seven Sister States, namely Tripura, Assam and Manipur. The state also shares a 722 kilometre border with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The majority of Mizos are Christians in various denominations, predominantly Presbyterian. Mizoram has a Chakma Theravada Buddhist population of 8.5%, making them the largest minority, followed by Hindus at 2.7% according to the 2011 census. There are several thousand people, mostly ethnic Mizo, who have converted to Judaism claiming to be one of the lost Judaic tribe group Bnei Menashe, with descent from the biblical Menasseh. Muslims make up about 1.3% of the state population. The remaining 3,000 people are Sikhs, Jains and other religions.

In Mizoram, fringe sect burns Hindu idols, tricolour in bid to fray tempers - Firstpost

Has fanaticism among a sect of Christians raised its ugly head in the otherwise peaceful state of Mizoram? The suspected involvement of seven persons in an incident of dishonoring the national flag and a Hindu idol has brought the question to the forefront.

Catholic Bishops' Conference of India


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