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Current status,women help while travelling 9969777888 number not functional


Whenever you sit in auto or taxi in the night alone, you can sms the auto or taxi number at 9969777888

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 सभी बहनों /महिलाओं से अनुरोध है

आप जब भी अकेले रात में ऑटो या टैक्सी में बै ें तो उस ऑटो या टैक्सी का नम्बर 9969777888 पर sms कर दें आपके फोन पर मैसेज आएगा एक्नॉलेजमेंट का, आपके वाहन पर GPRS से नजर रखी जायेगी।

इस को शेयर करके अपने परिचितों को अवगत कराये।

All sisters / women are requested

Whenever you sit in auto or taxi in the night alone, you can sms the auto or taxi number at 9969777888. Message will be sent to your phone. Anonymity, your vehicle will be monitored by GPRS.

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Good news for women in Mumbai. Police commissioner Mr Rakesh Maria has started a novel service with a dedicated helpline for women when traveling alone by auto or taxi. Before boarding taxi or auto women should send a message of the vehicle registration no to 9969777888. You will get an acknowledgement via sms. The vehicle will be tracked via GPRS. This service is free. Service started by mumbai Police jointly with MTNL.Share with as many you can. Help ur sister, mom ur wife n female frnds even.. Guys pls do share


Ayupp fact check –  This message is quite often shared on the social media. This number was started in March 2014 only for Mumbai region. However this number service was stopped soon after not getting positive response.

There is the image of Narendra Modi shared on the picture which is totally irrevelent.

This number doesn’t works any more, on calling this number once can get a message that this number does not exist.

A good initiative by Mumbai police not in work any more.