A 41-year-old Syarifuddin was taking naked bathing in a river with friends when the Crocodile attacked him last Tuesday.

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The man was bathing with friends in a river in Indonesia when he was snatched

He was dragged to his death by a saltwater crocodile, which can grow up to 5m

Desperate relatives called a witch doctor after failing to find him

Black magic wizard cast a spell and it's claimed Syarifuddin's body was then returned 



Ayupp facts check Analysis –   It is all over media, though it is a bad incident.   

A crocodile has returned a body of a man it killed on the previous day after it was summoned by a witch doctor.

Images has been published over several news sites, makes us believe this. The croc surfaces on the water clutching the missing man's body in its jaws.

The incident from a place in Indonesia's Berau.

As per the report, 41-year-old Syarifuddin was bathing in a river with friends when the animal attacked him last Tuesday.

Syarifuddin’s family members thought he was drowned in Lempake River after the police failed to find him. However his neighbours reportedly contacted a witch doctor to bring back Syarifuddin body back.

As can be clearly seen in the video, the crocodile clutching his body emerged from the water next morning.

The croc was seen floating near the banks with his naked body.

“He was just in the water and the crocodile humped at him and took him,” the Mail quoted his friend Andi Resmin as saying.

Looks like the video is true, but we can’t confirm as there is no official confirmation. Or any check on the video to check is originality.

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