Did CPIM demolished Rajiv Gandhi Statue in 2008 in Tripura & Netaji

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Viral Message: CPIM demolished Rajiv Gandhi Statue in 2008 in Tripura, CPIM also demolished Netaji Bose Statue in Birbhum , West Bengal.

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Viral message example-   

Example 1: Communists of Tripura broke and dismantled Rajiv Gandhi’s statue in 2008. Did you hear a squeak from anyone, even from the party who elected him as PM? Nobody uttered a word. That is why the present outrage is purely hypocritical. I support removal of Lenin statues by law

Example 2: In 2008, the Commies brought down former PM Rajiv Gandhi's statue in Tripura with the inspiration of #Lenin, neither their intellectual voices nor @INCIndia had a problem with his.

Example 3: Dear @JhaSanjay @priyankac19 @rssurjewala & other @incindia PIDIs

This is Shri Rajiv Gandhi statue in Tripura which was brought down by LEFT in the most humiliating manner in 2008

Would u guys say something about it or Lenin is your new father now?

Example 4: CPIM demolished Rajiv Gandhi Statue in 2008 in Tripura, CPIM also demolished Netaji Bose Statue in Birbhum , West Bengal.

Viral Message Verification:- Viral news like this has bee circulating n the social media and asking question to the congress party and the CPIM it self. The post all over the social media states that the CPIM demolished Rajiv Gandhi statue in 2008 in Tripura is fake.

A simple backtrack search of the image on the Google can easily lead you the original news published in Deccan Chronicle, March 07, 2013. Said

If that was in Telangana region, elsewhere there were protests. United Andhra Pradesh activists tear down a statue of former PM Rajiv Gandhi as they demonstrate against the formation of Telangana state in Anantapur - AFP

So it is from nowhere from Tripura, but from Andhra Pradesh.

Also we did ot find any news to verify that Netaji was any time demolised by CPIM in the early history.

This leaves us into question why would some one spread such image and is they afraid of the CPIM party.

However we can conclude this is a fake image with wrong information shared over the social media.

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