Viral Message: A video has surfaced online on the social media sites which states that plastic is present in the Aashirvaad Aata

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After a failed attempt to deploy BOTS in order to shore up Rahul Gandhi’s popularity on social media, Divya Spandana, in-charge of Congress’s digital communication, caught on camera urging workers to create multiple ‘fake accounts’ to spread misinformation about Modi govt...

Viral Message Verification:- The videos of the famous Actor turned Congress leader in Karnataka Divya Spandana aka Ramya has got yet another limelight after the acress  turned politician was heard in a video, asking the Congress supporter to create fake social media account to counter the BJP.

Soon the Video got the attention of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Amit Malviya, who is the National Head of the party’s Information and Technology department, on Wednesday, 7 February, shared a controversial video on Twitter, where Ramya is seen urging Congress workers in Karnataka to create multiple fake social media accounts.

In the tweet Malviya accused the Congress leader of encouraging for fake account.

What Ramya says in the Video “Today you all have to create three accounts. One in your name, one in someone else’ and the third by the name of Srivastava. Fake accounts are bots. It’s a robot, not a person.”

The actress later rewetted the video claiming it is fake

  1. The video is edited out of context
  2. Was explaining the difference between bots, fake accounts & multiple accounts to a question from the audience.
  3. Said, if you want to express your own view please do so on your individual handle not on an official account E.g., pics

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