Brief Outline: Some media reports and the social media is flooded with news that M Karunanidhi denied burial of former Chief Ministers Kamarajar & Rajaji at Marina beach, Chennai.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

It was a Precedence set up by the then CM of Tamil Nadu; M. Karunanidhi who denied giving a land at Marina for burial of a 3-term CM; Kamaraj; stating that Burial at Marina can't be allowed for past CM's. It's Only in Case of Sitting CM's that Burial at Marina can be considered

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Facts Check Analysis: Rumors is doing the rounds on the social media claiming that Karunanidhi had denied the Marina burial honour to leaders like Rajaji and Kamaraj, both of them from the Congress.

As given the news on the News Minute, CR Kesavan, the great grandson of Rajaji, who was just returning after paying his respects to Karunanidhi at Rajaji Hall, says, "It is untrue. Rajaji was cremated according to his wishes. The Rajaji Ninaivalayam at Guindy was designed by Karunanidhi."

As per a senior Journalist “Kamaraj died on Gandhi Jayanthi day and hence he was given a place in Gandhi Mandapam. There was no demand, no one asked for a Marina burial for him”.

Hence we can conclude that this is enough to prove that Karunanidhi had never denied or given an such order to stop the burial at the Marina Beach.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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