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Wow! Muslims in the United States are getting scary these days! A school bus driver in De Plain, Arkansas was arrested Monday morning after a parent filed a horrifying complaint with the school district.

Samantha Mayers said in a complaint with the police and the school district thather 9-year-old daughter was subjected to threats and humiliation after she tried to give a Bible to her bus driver, Assa Lamualaikum, of whom she had grown very fond.

Lamualaikum’s eyes “got very big and he got really angry,” 9-year-old Sarah Mayers says. She told police that her bus driver angrily ripped the Bible out of her hand and threw it out the window.

He began yelling some things “in another language” and ordered Sarah to her seat. But the ordeal was not over by a long shot.

When they arrive to the final stop, Sarah’s, Lamualaikum refused to allow her off the bus, telling her that if she wanted to leave she must pledge herself to Allah. Eventually, a crying Sarah said the words he forced her to say and left with a Quran.

When her mother asked her where she got the book, Sarah “broke down in tears and told me everything,” says Mrs. Mayers.

Lamualaikum faces two years in prison for making terroristic threats, and has already been fired by the De Plain Unified School District.

“This is what happens when you let Islam  in,” Mayers says. “It’s really scary.”


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