Did pig delivered baby with mixed features of man and pig, India

Image source social media

Brief Outline: A news viral as “A pig gives birth to human like baby. However, the pig died immediately after delivery from India and other countries is viral across the world”

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

A pig delivered a baby with mixed features of man and pig yesterday at siddipet district..

SHOCKING!! A pig gives birth to human like baby. However, the pig died immediately after delivery. Where are we going my people, Nigeria.

Another set of viral news from Kerala “In Kerala, found a new form of life which researchers say it existed about thousand years ago. It is found that the cells of the aliens do not match with the human cells. The aliens do not eat what humans eat. They consume their food using the sunlight as believes.”

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Facts Check Analysis: The image with text message as a pig child is viral across the world. However the fact is that it was just sculptures from Italy, originally posted by Laira Maganuco. He posted this images in his facebook profile stating as “My original post was hidden by facebook due to some reports. While the original post Will be restored i Will repost here. Baby hibrid pig piece unique mixed silicones”

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