India, New Delhi: The Congress President, Rahul Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi over reports from thehindu, where thehindu news article N.Ram wrote a report on the Rafale Deal. He wrote the Defence Ministry raised strong objections to “parallel negotiations” conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) with the French side.  Subsequently this led to weakening of the negotiation power of the MoD and Indian Negotiating Team.

Thehindu is a big brand in journalism

Narasimhan Ram also known as N. Ram is an Indian journalist and prominent member of the Kasturi family that controls The Hindu Group of publications.  He wrote the article titled “Defence Ministry protested against PMO undermining Rafale negotiations” . The article claimed that the MD officials had registered a firm opposition with the PMO’s negotiations on the matter. However it is now claimed that the news report by thehindu is half the truth as shown to the public.

Thehindu used a document to confirm it’s authenticity, however after the original document were in the public domain it was clear that the documents were half show and doctored as well. Thehindu ignored the statement by the defense minister of India, while bringing this news.

Below is the orginal, ANI accesses the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s reply to MoD dissent note on #Rafale negotiations. "Defence Secretary (G Mohan) may resolve the matter in consultation with Principal Secretary to PM". In the below document the Hindu writer just took the para 5 of the article that is..

  1. It is, therefore, clear that such parallel discussion by the PMO has weekend the negotiating position of the MoD and Indian Negotiating Team, We may advice PMO that any Officers who are not part of Indian Negotiating Team may refrain from having parallel parlays with the officers of French Government. In case the PMO is not confident about the outcome of negotiations being carried out by the MoD, a revised modality of negotiation to be led by PMO at appropriate level may be adopted in the case.

The ministry replied to the dissent on the note itself at the bottom of the document, which the Hindu chose to ignore the authenticity and cropped the truth.

The defence minister at the bottom of the note. Responding to the apprehension by the secretary, Parrikar wrote, “It appears PMO and French President office are monitoring the progress of the issue which was an outcome of the summit meeting. Para 5 appears to be an over reaction”.


Armed with such media reports and to add more false to the existing fake news created by the Hindu, Rahul Gandhi again reiterated that the Indian PM is thief.  He further claimed that the French President called Prime Minister Modi a ‘thief’.

#WATCH Rahul Gandhi says 'Why is that the President of France has called him (PM Modi) a thief and why is it that the Defence Ministry 'unko chor bula rahi hai'?Toh aap ja ke unse poochiye please.' #RafaleDeal

Rahul Gandhi, aspiring to be the prime minister of the country went ahead and said, money from Rafale deal could be given as compensation when they die in crash. Rahul Gandhi, continued with talking about the defence ministry note. He showed the printout of the cropped document an said “it is written clearly here, that Prime Minister of India is a thief. He has stolen 30,000 crores from you, the defence ministry is objecting to his interference. Mr Anil Ambani is his man, and Mr Anil Ambani has been given 30,000 crore of your money. Now, my friends in the Air Force, pilots, remember one thing, this 30,000 crores could have been used for your safety, this 30,000 crores could have been given to your family, this 30,000 crore could have given to you, when you die in a plane crash. This is your money, this not the money of Anil Ambani”.

However none of these words are written on the documents he produced, yet journalist sitting over there has no guts to ask this questions to the Congress president.


G Mohan Kumar, Defence Secretary at the time of Rafale negotiations to ANI, said, It (MoD dissent note on #Rafale negotiations) had nothing to do with price. It was about sovereign guarantees and general terms and conditions.

He further said that “Whatever has been brought out ( recent media report on #Rafale by the Hindu) has nothing to do with pricing: G Mohan Kumar,Defence Secretary at the time of Rafale negotiations to ANI …

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