Brief Outline: A facebook photo with the text tries to explain how easily we can break import with china,

Facts Check: False

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In 1945, USA attacked Japan by throwing Nuclear Bomb. Today after 71 years USA cannot sell even a needle in Japan. And this is not due to Trade Policy this is because Japanese citizens do not buy anything which is made in USA, showing Patriotism for their nation. China is continuously threatening India. Why don’t we Unite and do the same against China? If we stop buying Chinese products, their economy will get affected worstly as India is their main importer. This in return will also promote ‘Make in India’ campaign which will boost India’s economy.

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Facts Check Analysis: The message claiming that Japan does not buy single policy from Americans and China suffering a huge loss if India stops import of Chinese products is not completely true, they are fake.

Facts check: Japan was America’s fourth largest goods export market in 2018.

Fact Check: India is the seventh highest importer of Chinese goods; US tops the list.

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