KFC serving non halal chicken or Jhatka Chicken and using fake Halal certificates

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HYDERABAD: According to an independent investigation carried out by Bhopal based journalist Anam Ibrahim, KFC is duping customers by serving non-halal chicken and using fake Halal certificates.
In the complaint Ibrahim has alleged that slaughter houses using machines for slaughter have been given halal certificates by Muftis whereas for a slaughter to be halal it has to be done by hand.
The complaint also says that Venky’s Company slaughtered only a 1000chicken per day whereas the sale of chicken on each KFC counter was much more than that daily therefore it certainly procured chicken from other sources. Then how did the outlet show the halal certificate of only one chicken company.
What else would u expect from materialistic and immortal companies such as KFC, McDonald's and so on.
Remember you are what you eat. You can't not blame them as you need to accept full responsibility as how can you trust honesty of those who have no value but the value of money !

Ayupp Analysis – The above message claims that KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) is selling non halal chicken or Jhatka Chicken and they are also using fake halal certificates.
Its very difficult to analyse such news and term it fact or false. The investigation was actually done by Anam Ibrahim and there are several article available online with this regard.
This was published in Hindustan times and DailyHunt.

In one of the branches of KFC (London), some employees were suspended because they had served non halal chickens. This news was published in Mirror.

The daily mail website has quoted that big brands like KFC, Domino and subway are selling halal chicken so that no one religious sentiments are hurt and their market share can also grow. 
How to verify that you are eating halal chicken –
1. Whenever you visit any KFC, you can legally demand them for halal certificate.
2. If the manager shows you certificate then that will satisfy you for time being. Your second query could be that how many vendors supply chicken to this KFC outlet and if all of them are certified? Practically it is very difficult to verify such information.
3. If you are satisfied with the Manager and certificates then eat or else take your own decision what needs to be done.

If you visit KFC website then they have informed that - All our chicken is sourced from Halal certified suppliers.

KFC is a very big brand and it has its brances worldwide. So we should trust what they have commited. 

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