Was a Elderly man attacked after drinking alcohol, Antwerp, Belgium?

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Brief Outline: SHOCKING VIDEO: Elderly man is being attacked after drinking alcohol in front of a halal food restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ayupp Verification: Fake Picture

Origin: Viral on social media and whatsapp

Viral Example: SHOCKING VIDEO: Elderly man is being attacked after drinking alcohol in front of a halal food restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Detailed Analysis: The facebook post is being shared by many people over the spectaluation that the elderly men was attacked for drinking alcohol in front of a halal restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.  

The news caught the local media and a news was published in the local media with headlineFather and son transported to hospital after a strong fight at Rooseveltplaats”.  As per the news Antwerp 2018 -

There was a strong fight on Saturday night at the Rooseveltplaats in Antwerp. Two people were injured and were taken away with the ambulance for care. It turned out to be a father and his son. In the hospital a fracture was diagnosed with the father, the son had a head wound.

Both men sat, under the influence of alcohol, on a terrace of a pit business where they were still drinking something. Since no alcohol was served there, the owner spoke to them about it. The son would then have given the employee a few strokes, which in turn gave him a head butt. Then came the fight, which quickly degenerated after they were tackled hard, even when a few threw chairs from the terrace. So it was actually the old man and his son first attacked staff at the restaurant after they had asked them to put away the alcohol they had brought with them. 

Vader en zoon afgevoerd naar ziekenhuis na stevige vechtpartij op Rooseveltplaats

Antwerpen 2018 - Er was zaterdagavond een stevige vechtpartij op de Rooseveltplaats in Antwerpen. Twee personen raakten gewond en werden met de ziekenwagen afgevoerd voor verzorging. Het bleek te gaan om een vader en zijn zoon. In het ziekenhuis werd een breuk vastgesteld bij de vader, de zoon had een hoofdwonde.

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