Message circulating on social media regarding Facebook is limiting page post so that no more than 7 percent people see the post.

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Facebook has been limiting our post so no more then 7% of our followers can see....if you see this picture in your newsfeed please comment "Yes" "Like" it and "Share"... This way our ranking will improve and you never miss out!

To explain and reduce spam messages:

It's in Facebook disclosure that pages and profiles alike are restricted to 7 percent standard exposure. However while profiles have follow or see first options to increase this standard setting pages do not. With exposure to increase the page ranking the number that 7 percent includes increases.

Ayupp Analysis –This is fake news and there is no fact in this message in circulation. Indeed facebook uses a different and complex algorithm to see the number of post from your friends and pages you have liked and shared. If facebook starts showing all the information or shared information from your friends and likes and the end user will be over whelmed by the amount of message being shared.

If everything promoted on facebook is promoted widely to each and every person, it is not feasible to increase the page reach and definitely not by liking, sharing or commenting the above message.

To counter this potential information overload problem, Facebook has implemented a complex algorithm that filters the posts anyone see, which is further based on a large number of factors. It is true that the less you interact with a friend's or Page's posts, the less likely future posts from that friend or Page will make it to your feed.   

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