Viral Message: As claimed in the viral message, “After a short but yet devastating dispute between two underground rap artist Violent J of the group known as "ICP" and another upcoming star Playboy”

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Viral Message Example - After a short but yet devastating dispute between two underground rap artist Violent J of the group known as "ICP" and another upcoming star Playboy The Beast which is the CEO/Founder of Murder Musick, Violent J has announced his retirement and quoted "I just can't take the pain and harassment. I was bodied by a man who I once inspired".
Playboy The Beast which also has called himself a Juggalo ( fans of ICP ) dropped a diss track on Violent J that shook the underground rap world by surprise. After the album dropped, more controversy came right away.
A woman named Becky, who is an ex member of Psychopathic Records ( ICP's Label ) and ex girlfriend of Violent J also decided to get involved in the controversy and was also instantly proven to be lying saying she no longer affiliated herself with Violent J and saying she was not ever a supporter of Murder Musick when she was seen with Violent J when she made the post about it.
What will be the next move for Violent J's partner Shaggy now at this point? Many insiders believe he will either join the past members of Psychopathic Records Twizted on their Label or maybe try to switch completely and stay on PTB's good side and make the move to Murder Musick!

Viral Message Verification –   This is just prank news created to be spread and shared among its users. The fact check of the news is that it is fake and holds no relevancy.

The viral news is created by users of a prank site as a part of a prank and is being shared among the people.

The website clearly mentions in its information below the page “This website is an entertainment website, news are created by users. These are humourous news, fantasy, fictional, that should not be seriously taken or as a source of information.”.

However Rapper Violent J have never disclosed of his retirement any time soon through any medium till date. There is not a single news to verify and confirm his retirement.

However as per some old news Rapper Violent J was arrested in 2008. The website has written “ICP's Joseph Ulster, 23, a.k.a. Shaggy 2 Dope, and Joseph Bruce, 25, a.k.a. Violent J, were arrested for battery and taken to the Hancock County Jail after the scuffle outside of the Waffle House, according to a press release issued by the Greenfield Police Department. ”

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