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Dangal fame girl Zaira Wasim has alleged that she was molested on an Air Vistara flight, where a man sitting behind her molested her. The video of Zaira with tears rolling down her face has now gone viral on social media platforms.

Zaira said in the video, “So, I just landed and you know the whole irony of this is that the guy… this is not done at all. This is not the way, this is not a girl should be made to feel because this is terrible. Is this how they are doing to take care of girls? No one will help us if we don’t decide to help ourselves. This is the worst thing,”

She wrote, “Managed to get this (shot of the molester’s foot). The lights were dimmed so it was even worse. It continued for another 5-10 minutes and then I was sure of it. He kept nudging my shoulder and continued to move his foot up and down my back and neck.”

The video has caused massive outrage with the National Commission for Women sending a notice to Vistara demanding an explanation as to why the crew did not step in when the 17-year-old actor was being harassed.

The airlines put out a statement apologizing that the incident took place on their flight and stated that they are carrying out a detailed investigation.

But my question is everybody is botherd about the actress for whom fame is much more important whether its negative or positive no one knows about the guy. Here I must tell you the men is Vikas Sachdev works with an Entertainment company at a senior managerial position. He resides in Mumbai with his wife and daughter. He had gone to Delhi to attend a funeral of a close relative. Because of the funeral and related events, he was tired and hence wanted to take nap on the flight.

The wife and a friend of Vikas Sachdeva - the arrested man - said he was tired and upset because of his uncle's death.

"He was returning from Delhi after attending funeral of his relative. He was very tired and mentally disturbed, so he was sleeping. As it is clear that his legs were touching her but I can say that it was not deliberate," his wife Divya Sachdeva said. She said her husband apologised to the actor. "I want justice and want to see my husband back to home with the family," Ms Sachdeva said.

Let see some of the points which shows the actress publicity stunt.

  • When someone is extremely tired, he might stretch his legs unknowingly while yawning or unknowingly while sitting and sleeping.
  • In this case of the flight, that guy had lost his relative and just came after performing the rituals. There’s a chance that the person could really be tired and could have mistakenly stretched his leg, Why did she not raise an alarm then and there? Why did she have to wait and tweet two hours later?
  • Zaira could have turned back and asked the person to sit properly, and not only this, if she was unable to do so her mother was traveling with her, she could have told her for complain.
  • She could have waited for them to reach the destination and later asked for the help from the police department, right there. why she need  to call out for social media.
  • Zaira said she was unable to get the video on her phone cause the cabin lights were dim. She could have taken picture from mobile nowadays every mobile phone these days have flashlight, right!
  • The video only showed the person’s feet on the armrest, which is 100% an ill-mannered act but its certainly not molestation. 
  • One may wonder why didn’t the co-passenger do anything? Simply because no molestation thing happened according to the co-passengers. They said guy did put legs on the footrest because he was tired but he dozed off immediately. There was no malaise intended.
  • As per investigation done by Vistara Airlines, it seems a mistake. 
  • It is simply impossible to touch neck of a passenger sitting in front of you with your leg.

We need to wait and watch about the real truth behind this incident. We are just putting our view. Hope truth will be out soon

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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